Music, Magick, and Mind

I’m wondering what the cause and effects of music are on ritual and meditation.

(Not during of course, that would be disruptive and constraining on the necessarily fluid process of evocation and meditation.)

I’m more interested in the ongoing melody and rhythms we hear play (almost subconsciously) in our daily life.

I’ve found great success in tuning my mind to certain instrumental rhythms and music (outside of meditation) insofar as setting a specific tone when I do sit down and explore inward.

I’ve also found Energy Work, (necessary or not for Soul Travel) to be greatly enhanced when accompanied by or built off of certain musical rhythms.

Here are a couple pieces that speak strongest to me…



Love to hear what people think, and if anybody else has stumbled upon some REALLY GOOD music or sounds for stimulating mind/consciousness or clearing away mental debris,