Music career and king paimon

Im song writer in the Texas country music scene. I have over 60 songs in my catalogue. I have natural gift for writing music. I love to perform but jn this scene if you Dont stand out it doesnt matter how much talent you have.

I want to be noticed and I want to have oppurtunities. I work hard but it seems like there are no oppurtunities. I had a break last year and was playing 3 nights a week and was genuinly happy. Now I feel my talent is wasting away. There is some sort of block.

I would like to reach out to King Paimon for help. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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:point_up:t5:there’s another thread on someone asking for assistance on music created a few hrs ago.

Call on King Paimon like you stated, ask for him to help you find more opportunities, or for them to present themselves to you.

Good luck.