Music and Magick

I just filled out the [Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum] So you guys can check that out if you wanna know some brief stuff. And my profile is filled with my links for those of you who may want to check my stuff out further after this. ( hopefully I did everything right
Now let’s get into it.
Music and magick.
I work very closely with King Paimon for the last 7 months ( on a serious level) even before that I was playing around with the energy for 3 or 4 months. So really almost a full year.
As my time rolls in within this forum I’d like to share these channeled messages iv’e gotten from king Paimon. A channel for me can be anywhere from 1 page to 4-6 pages worth of information. Definitely rookie numbers for some of you more long term guys/gals who have been doing this king of stuff but keep in mind ive only been channeling for less than 6 months so that’s pretty decent. Anyway let’s get to the point of what I want to display .
From my workings and the things iv’e learned from King paimon about art I thought i’d take that knowledge and information and implement it into a song. In the past iv’e seen artists get confused on how to work with spirits and honestly it just comes from over complicating things and also expecting unrealistic things from said spirits. It’s pretty easy to work with King Paimon. And i’m going to give my experiences now.
My newest song “Possession” uses multiple currents and points of power. I used king Paimons sigil to write the song. I utilized an invocation before recording. And had Conner Kendall consecrate the final product to yield more power and influence ( I didn’t even know something like that could be real till i emailed him asking him what he could do for me and my song haha. Big shoutout to him / he’s a great dude. So with all that said for any of you who are interested in hearing the song Here you go ( here is the music video Shoutout Eldoria crow for putting it on her channel and editing it )

Here is also the link to just the audio on soundcloud ( )

As well as me explaining my creation process of the song on my youtube channel a little more in depth

Sorry if this post is a bit all over the place haha Im wired off coffee right now

@DonaldJames616 Please be careful in posting links to your art and music, as doing so may breach our rule against self-promotion for commercial purposes. Many people try to ride the coattails of BALG to get their art out there for monetary gain, so we have to be careful.

I just wanted to share my experience and passion for music and king paimon. I’m not selling anything or making any money off people listening to my music . Pure intentions only my friend <3
Sorry if it was a bit "Promotion-y
More so sharing to let people see how I work with King Paimon . As i hope another artist will be inspired . that is my true intention. I hope this post is okay :frowning:

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It should be fine, but I flagged it for the mods to check it over just to be sure.

As a newcomer to this forum, I just wanted to give you a heads up about our rules. We get a lot of people who come here to try and promote themselves, whether it is their art and music, or their occult YouTube channel and services, so I wanted you to be careful about excessive linking to your stuff.

This will be the only post where I do this I can promise that much. I consider this song to be a working how others consider their stuff to be a working . That is a reason i posted it. had to post multiple links because they tie into eachother and what i was talking about.
But thank you for clearing it up for me .
I won’t do it again

No worries, man. Links can always be put in your profile and interested people can be directed to it. It’s just excessive linking in the public forum that the rules are against.

Got you. I was a bit over overzealous about creating a profile and jumping straight into posting haha
I read all the rules too. I guess I Just wasn’t thinking

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