Music and energy

It is widely known that music is an universal language. Do not confuse this with math which is the true universal language.

Every people’s on earth had some kind of music, that is why it is acknowledged as the universal tongue. Enough of this though.

Music carries it’s own energy and vibrations. “Positive soundwaves” are 432 Hertz but most music is about 440 hertz which is viewed as “evil”.

My question is; can a magician use music as an energy source?


fuck yeah,especially with Behemoth

O father, o satan, o sun
Let the children come to thee
Behold the morning star
Akephalos, shine thru me
Come forth in war
Come forth in peace

music is a powerfull source!
gives a fucking boost!

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I believe so, and on multiple levels. There is the obvious, in that music can out you in a particular state psychologically, and this can have amazing effects. Music can trigger an emotional charge, which is a massive jolt of energy in many cases. Music also works on the principles of vibration and frequency, which is essentially what physical reality is, so it would be logical under the laws of thermodynamics to assume there is literal energy to be pulled from music. A power source creates the initial vibration (a human or speaker), and that energy is transferred into the sound wave. Why would you not be able to have energy transference that you could tap into from that sound wave? It’s just a technology we do not have a machine for yet, lol. Fortunately for the world, we DO have magicians. Did you hear about the guy who can boil water with sound waves? Check it out:

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Heavy beats are amazing for trance work! I use them all the time