I’ve read Murmur is a dangerous spirit to work with. I’m considering petitioning him for destroying the Dead that haunt me. Is there anything I need to watch out for?

Also, can he destroy ghouls?

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you can also summon one of eHecate’s hellhounds, I don’t know anything about Murmur but I would imagine that he/she isn’t as dangerous as they say.


From what I know, he can bind the dead from getting in the way and protecting a target or stop the Dead from interfering in living peoples lives.

I do not know if he is ‘dangerous’ yet and I have a ritual here that uses him and I will research all I can for you about him.

Another spirit that can destroy and drag away dead is Santa Muerta. She will love you and protect you and will not let anyone dead or alive mess with you once you have accepted her and her you.


Murmur is chill. For me he’s very much into philosophy. I liken Murmur somewhat to Virgil for Dante. I don’t speak to the dead but if I wanted the truth from them I’d have Murmur be present for ten to reveal. I actually think many like philosophy.


Thanks for the information.

I actually work with Santa Muerte. Only started a few weeks ago, but she protects me from evil magick. I’m due to give her a new offering this evening, so I’ll petition her to protect me from the Dead as well. The necromancer is planning to send me ghouls as revenge for what I did to her clients (which was to put them out of action because they would not stop harming me at any cost). I was shown this via a waking dream.

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Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

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Ok, the necro is being dealt with, and I’m fully protected from these ghouls she was going to send to me, plus the spirits of the Dead seem to have been dealt with. However, can Murmur deal with infernal demons too? Or any type of spirit or servitor?

Have you any kind of relationship with Lucifer? he can do pretty much anything for those that are loyal to him. The same with Hekate and her hell hounds.
There is a good hell hound summoning ritual for the stronger Magician that I am aware of too.

I haven’t got an established relationship with Lucifer so far, but I’ve started doing a few rituals out of Lucifer And The Hidden Demons grimoire. I have the feeling this is the start of a working relationship between us, and it will develop over time.

I’ve summoned Murmur and he is happy to do the job for me, but he said it would take a while.

What are hellhounds?

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Murmur isn’t going to hurt you. His other name is Saturn. He’s a daemon but a good one


Thanks. Like I said, I’ve already petitioned him and he’s doing the job I asked of him. :slight_smile:


I’m necroing my own thread because I require some more info about Murmur, and I’d like to keep it in one thread if I can.

I’ve searched this forum for “Murmur offerings” and didn’t find anything useful. I’m looking to deal with some spirits that were sent from my enemies, and I’ve no idea what kind of spirits they are, apart from an infernal which has been a major pain in my arse for far too long. I’ve tried finding out which spirit this infernal serves. The only info I’ve been able to get so far is that, it doesn’t serve Lucifer or Azazel. So I can tell that the infernal is back, there seems to be a couple of others too. But I don’t know anything about them.

I still work with Santa Muerte, Azazel, and Belial. I started working with Lucifer a while ago and we have developed a good working relationship.

My enemies right now are fucking with my ability to perceive the truth, and they’re screwing with my ability to perceive spirits clearly. They’ve attacked my chakras. A couple of them have been targeting my sexual energy.

Still, I’m in the boxing ring giving them Hell, and I have plenty of fight left in me.

Can Murmur kill these spirits? And what should I offer to him?

Offerings are a demonolator thing so if you want information on offerings for specific demons, I would recommend taking a look at S. Connolly’s stuff.

Oh I thought it was something that was normal.

Okay, I’ll see what I can dig up there.

But I would appreciate any info that anyone has based on their personal experiences with Murmur. :slight_smile:

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Do you know which book I can find that info in? The book title?

Not specifically, but I would assume her Demonolator’s Goetia would have such information.

She also has a little chapbook on offerings that might give you some general ideas to work from, though it doesn’t mention specific demons.

can santa muerte remove any ancestoral spirit that protecting a person

I’m sorry if I am late to the game, but if you are still interested, Connolly has a book called Deamonic Offerings vol 1, and vol 2. I recommend them, there’s some really good information in them. They’re good books just to have on hand for any Daemon work you’re doing. Also, offerings are not just a “Daemonalater thing”, many different practices that work with an array of entities have given offerings, going all the way back to the beginning of humankind’s interactions with the gods, and our ancestors. Personally, I use offerings when I feel the time calls for them, or when I’ve been asked for them. I also like to show gratitude, or sometimes it’s a show of respect for my guest. But Connolly has a bunch of great books for those interested in working with Daemons, some can be a little redundant, but she’s a very experienced practitioner. There’s a few great authors on the subject these days!

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I felt a good feeling when coming across Murmur from the goetia, but never worked with him before.

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