Has anyone here actually interacted with the multiverse and seen a universe where impossible things exist, like a teen wolf universe for example?

if it counts, ive interacted with Skyrim entities

There’s a system I’m looking into right now called quantum jumping, which is about accessing alternate versions of yourself in parallel universes. Not sure if it really involves alternate universes, but the results I’ve been getting are good, so maybe.

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If I’m not mistaken, quantum physics supports the theory of parallel dimensions layered on our own. So yeah, science.

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I’ve looked into it as well, it dosen’t seem too legit in my opinion

yes, Soul Travel can make you witness something no one has never seen.

and quantum jumping is soul traveling. i think i’ll make a website and sell a similar product… maybe i’ll call it Etheric Teleportation and push it as a new big thing :slight_smile:

i kinda knew soul travel can be used to explore the multiverse, ea does say in the brochure that you will be able to go any where in existence with it. maybe even time travel

Ever ended up in a universe where vampires and werewolves exist? Or any supernatural like world?

Awesome! Well the method i am working on to travel to other universes is called transposing, in which you reach a state of vibration and just visualize where you wanna go, hasn’t worked yet tho. What method do you use if you don’t mind me asking

Yes I have

sounds badass to be honest!! i bet it some experience, did you interact with any of them or did you just observe

I did interact. It was a pretty intense experience.

Yes, I have not been able to access extremely absurd lines…but one amazing one I saw was a world where all lived in a water like substance…it wasnt as heavy as water, didn’t feel wet, like heavier than bubbles.
We were capable of breathing in it with relative ease and we can walk and float or swim in it (closer to water gravity)

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Lol that kinda sounds like bikini bottom from sponge bob, the multiverse seems to be more creative then humans. You used soul travel to get their Im assuming.

I use televisions, radio, movies, songs and even engines as divination. They offer me readings(in English) through my higher consciousness possessing residual energy or more often then not spirits possessing the Divinatory medium. This all started when I was a necromancer and my wraith would possess the hip hip songs of random cars passing by to talk to them. Invisibility helps peer into the alternate dimension.

I objectively define these divinations as possessing the news anchors, for example, and peering into the alternate reality where they are my possessions or being rode by one of my spirits who is most often then not these days carrying on a telepathic conversation with me. For example, I can watch a BALG podcast and study with Eric Koettings higher consciousness and talk to him while we meditate on the subject of the podcast. I took a video recently too of asbjorns interview to show I can change recorded footage. I’ve evoked Eric’s higher consciousness before its not as if I need to watch a video. It’s hard for me to define how to do this, it started just happening. Using invisibility and opening the abyss helps.

Except there weren’t talking sponges haha

and yes…soul travel of some sort ( I speculate it is astral projection plus time traveling plus something I’m gonna call “chemical x” which is a natural chemical found in everything)
…I tend to not be able to be in control of things like this sometimes. As this is somethng that gives people natural clairvoyance and foresight. I haven’t been able to fully control my clairvoyance just yet.

Although, I have noticed the more barren I have been (sick, depressed, emotionally inert) it is easier to access different lines. I have been able to confirm to a few “what-if” scenarios…even going into the future or the past in those lines…It can get rather confusing and only caused me psychological and mental pain…

But you know that type of pain can be unlearned eventually…

However I am acustom to completely unsual things happening whenever I am deep within my own.

Lol maybe you can find a universe where fairly odd parents exist, or better yet, a universe full of nickoloden charecters, the cool thing is that it isn’t so far out with the multiverse.

I think it is highly possible!
I was actually 100% convinced of that when I was a child. I felt like there was a massive rectangle structure that you simply needed to cut the film off the front it…and you could pass into worlds created in others minds. (cartoon worlds, literary worlds)
For that you would have to enter the persons mind who generally creates that world to keep validity of characters, locations, and physics…
You could probably try with your own mind but, your intent might actually skew the nature of the created world.