Is the multiverse on the physical plane of existence. Because i know all 24 planes of existence are in included in the multiverse.

Wait what? This question doesn’t make any sense. Will you clarify please?

If you understand the BOA there are 24 planes yes. Which are are connected but your awareness is unable to perceive them because you are unaware or uneducated of them. Yet all are connected. Just like the 4th demesional theory

Do all planes of existence exist within the multiverse and is the multiverse located on the physical plane

I would say that unless there is hard fact that we are in fact in a multiverse, which there isn’t right now, we live in a multiplanar universe with at least 6 dimensions. (Some theories say we have 11 dimensions but scientists only named 5).

If that’s true, then I have no reason to continue with soul travel

I would advise you to soul travel so that your conscienceness can determine how many planes of existence there are. Dont just give up that doesnt help progress and understanding

You don’t understand dude, the main reason I wanna soul travel is to explore the multiverse as in infinite universes and timelines, I’m kinda not interested in hanging out with ghosts lol

What’s the BOA?

Book of Azazel

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@Godmagus Thank you.

Whos to say there isnt a multi verse if by the 4th demension theory there are infinite universes within the sphere of conscienceness seriously watch this kid and tell me there isnt infinite universes within our own

Please watch my video provided in my previous comments