Multiple demon evocation


I’ve never done multiple demon evocation. Is this a common exercise? How would it work? Evoke one, converse, command and send away to do one’s task then stay in the temple and immediately move on to the next or do you evoke one, keep it hanging around and then bring others in also?


You can do this, yeah.
I suppose it’ll come down to how you evoke. I don’t even use any rituals anymore, just pull them to me. This makes it very easy to talk with multiple spirits at once.
If you use a ritual then you could still do it, it’ll just be a little more inconvenient.


Ive done all the above. You could honestly do it in any of those manners.


OK cool, thanks, for me, one for the future maybe.

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I’m the same way.

For me, evocation comes down to creating a link between me and a spirit.

If I’m contacting a spirit I haven’t worked with before, I’ll normally try to find three links:

  1. Reading something about them or watching a video about them.
  2. The spirit’s name.
  3. A sigil.

I can usually do it with any two of those three links, but I like to have all three if I can get them.

Once I’ve evoked a spirit, I feel it’s energy and that (along with it’s name) becomes a strong link for me. If I need a stronger link, I’ll ask the spirit to add it’s energy to an anchor object that I’ve also charged with my own energy.

After that, I just remember the way the spirit felt, intone it’s name (usually three times), and then “pull” it to me. I literally pull it down deep against me like a cloak. It helps me get the clearest telepathic communication possible.

If I’m having trouble communicating, I’ll just “pull” more and more of it’s energy through until my immediate area is flooded with it.

When I’m dealing with a powerful spirit, I feel their energy like a pressure on the crown of my head (I’m sure it’s the chakra), the back of my head, the back of my neck, the tops of both shoulders, and the backs of both shoulders.

The more of the spirit’s energy that I “pull” into my area, the heavier that pressure feels to me.

I use the exact same technique whether it’s for one spirit or multiple. I just “pull” them in one at a time and ask them if they’re here. They answer and I ask them to hold on while I pull the next spirit to me.

The most I’ve ever evoked at one time was seven powerful spirits, including the 4 “Demonic Kings”. I could only handle that for about an hour before the pressure was too much for me.

It’s weird, but I could identify which spirit was speaking by the way the pressure shifted. It was almost like each spirit lit up a different part of my brain. Really hard to describe.

Recently, I’ve found a much easier way to hold a conversation with multiple spirits at once.

I’ll evoke each of them first, then “pull” them into myself, invoking them. We merge into one “new entity”. For me, it feels like I’m almost just hearing my own thoughts, but I’ve found I can identify the exact spirit who is talking if I need to.

Then when we’re done, we all separate again.


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