Multidimensional Relationship, or Stagnation?

Thanks, and let’s jump in.
I am several years into actively practicing magic,
I appreciate any perspective and input.
I am graduating college, and six months into a relationship.
I feel happy, yet held back.
In short, this relationship brings happiness. It is this happiness numbs me.
I find myself unsettled toward the fact that the happiness of a relationship numbs me.
I do not know precisely what it numbs me too.

I fee l conflicted between myself and who I must become.
I feel fulfilled,
I ask “Fulfillment? Why are you so void?”

One thing that helped me was to make a “mind map.”

Basically you list all the good things about a relationship and all the bad things (edit: also analyze the WHY behind them). If you find more bad things than good things, it’s probably time to move on.

Happiness is a fleeting feeling. I was told once by someone much more intelligent than myself that “you should look to be content, not happy.”

What do you mean by this? I would imagine if you’re feeling numb, you have some idea of what you’re numb to. Maybe it would help to list those out as well.

Are you really feeling fulfilled, then? I ask this because I say this to myself sometimes. I find it’s helpful to ask:

Am I really happy or am I just saying that?


I appreciate this, thanks!

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Get a relationship with a partner of a higher level

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