Mugwort mysteries

Hello all
So whoop whoop lol I tried mugwort I finally bought some. So far I have used it in different ways, putting it on my cards, burning it like insence-last evening I smoked a small amount . I felt like my dreams afterward were more vivid but it was the first time so nothing groundbreaking yet lol

Anyone else how have you found it useful with divination?


You can also smoke or brew in a tea.


I’ll try brewing the tea tonight :slight_smile: I smoked some last night but just a small amount so not sure


brew a tea but not too much, it starts your periods within 2 days, its a natural abortion plant


If you are smoking it, I would smoke about a cigarette worth at a time for noticeable effect. The old timers call it smoking a tasp. But honestly, smoking is absolute crap for your health.

Science actually weighs in on this one for me. Studies measured brainwaves of people exposed to various scents found in nature. When introduced to the smell of A. Vulgaris (mugwort) they found that certain regions of the brain experienced increased activity. So really, smoking it is not needed, IMO, as it is an olfactory trigger for your brain waves. In other words, it is the smell. You can add this effect by putting a healthy amount into incense or simply just taking a strong whiff off the top of a bottle of pure essential oil. When you burn it, it is the oils that contain the active ingredients. A difuser works too.

I use mugwort oil in this way before some meditation, divination practice, and when I have chest or nasal congestion (similar effects as Vicks Vapo-Rub).

Another thing; if you live in the States or in most of Europe then you are wasting money and opportunities to learn if you are paying for this stuff. It literally grows everywhere, even in the middle of large cities, but most mistake it for common ragweed. Look for it anywhere ragweed can grow. Like I said, it looks identical, except for two things: 1. Ragweed leaves will be a shade of green on both sides, but mugwort will be green on top and the underside will be almost whitish-grey. 2. Do a smell test by taking a sample leaf and crumpling it in your hand to smell the juice. If it smells like cut grass then it is ragweed. If it smells spicy, almost like a cooking herb, then it is mugwort. Once you get the smell test down you can easily harvest the stuff in total darkness.

It’s free, it’s fresh, you put your energy into the process, you learn a new thing, and there are more uses for the fresh herb than there are for the dried. So much winning.

This is important too. Don’t mess with the stuff if pregnant, and I would suggest not smoking it around pregnant women as well, for obvious reasons.


i did not know… i am gonna have a look.
though it’s not expensive anyways…

@Gitana7 also just smudge your bed room. but the tea for me is worth everything, dreams so vivid and so “greyish” it looks like a movie


Try this tea out 45 minutes before divining

1 large coffee plunger’s worth

2 heaped teaspoons mugwort
2 heaped teaspoons catnip
2 heaped teaspoons damiana
2 heaped teaspoons peppermint
2 level teaspoons eyebright.

Let it steep for 20 minutes.

It will put you in a great altered but awake state. Let us know how you go!