Mudras and fingers elements relations

Hi there, I’m new to this forum and I have a question.

I’m reading a lot about Chaos Magick, and how belief have an impact on reality. Also, I am very interested in Mudras, hand sigils that are used to lots of results and can be used to do magick.

The thing is, in my research, I’ve seen sources that says that thr thumb is related to the Fire element, the index to Air, the middle finger to the Ether, the ring finger to Earth and little finger to Water.
I also sources stating thst the thumb relate to Ether, index to Air, middle to Fire, ring to water and little to earth.

I don’t know which one is correct, or at least the reason for their fingers relations. I’d love to see your opinion on this matter. As far as I know, I’d say that it makes more sense for the thumb relate to Ether, since the thumb is a special finger and it is almost always used to touch the other fingers when a mudra is made. I think it would be weird to have Fire in almost all mudras…

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Welcome @Ffp. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.


Sooo…no one knows about this?

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Yes uts known. However in some systems the little finger is air for mudras its water.
Western : pointer is water middle earth ring fire little is air
Indian Mudra: pointer is air middle earth little is water

However you look at it. Someof it us cultural and some of it is relative
Both agree that the thumb is fire in that you see a Persons Will and Logical process their passions and family connection
Both agree that middle is centred on earth / saturn experience

My personal experiment with pinkie as water it is only so if i will it to be
My personal experiment with pinkie as air corralated to how messages flowed.

My suggestion to you is to read up and look up on YT
Think about it digest ONE system. Experiment and see if these Mudras are exactly what they claim to be For YOU.

Then when have digested this to your satisfaction. Stop
Go and explore a completely different system of the hands and Do the Same

When you have a grasp. Repost your experience.
And perhaps more can compare their findings

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I’ve only heard of planetary correspondences, a book is going to be re-relased soon about this:

Planetary stuff is how classical palmistry works.

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Yes true it is how classical western psalmist and Sanskrit operate
As I said experiment and experience. These are aspects of western palmistry I find in sync and proven reasonable like the other. Thete are aspects that just don’t work.
Look at Traditional Chinese Medicine and how they place the organs and meridians.
Systems of thought is nothing without proof and the best proof is experiment and experience for yourself

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It just feels wrong to me the thumb being any element other than the Spirit/Void/Quintessence. As is the thumb the finger that will always be in contact with the others to “close the circuit” and is the most "special"and different finger. I am experimenting with the one that I found in a book about Qi-gong. It seems that this is the representation of the Five Elements in Shingon Buddhism:

Yes sure. What iss Fire. Quintessence. Secret fire.
With west you see division from cardinal section as Your Will. And the mutable (middle of phalange) Your Mind.
Think about what is the quality of Mind/Air
The quality of Will. You will see the connecting to Fire and connection to Spirit.
Ponder this and you will find the connection.
With the Chinese Meridian the flow here is relevant.
When When you look at the thumb where it has positioned Chakra correspondences . And this is important to notice. The centre of the palm where there is “the plane of Mars” various textures hollow fat balanced for the hands type. Here uts nit just the battle mode you’d expect from Mars it represents a Persons temperament self viewing as in depressed or serious illnes where just touching the outside of the plane of Mars is the liver
It is important for all who look into to really try and understand as much as possible the the Merit to each system of understanding of the hands (body).

I am currently traveling buses fo im not going into details just enough here so (you) can get the gist of what Iam say
Oh and yes the reason why the pointer is reffered to as water is the Jupiter connection and how in the mutable of Jupiter /water phalange where there lines run vertical indicates a Persons sleep and stresses… so dose the the amount of lines in the centre of the palm became they are intestine. … um digestion
What does poor digestion give you ? It affects your mood
What dose the liver do relates to water the temperamrnt happy or calm it affects the mood.
The reason why fire is also connected to the kidneys is courage

The points made are valid so thank you @Ffp

The one you found in that book is accurate, as far as I know. Best way in my opinion is to test and examine the results. Test what you feel is right and what you think is wrong, then wait for reality to confirm which is correct and which is not.

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Yes I agree

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