Greetings to all,

New to everything here.
Lot to read,
Tell me what to read in beginning,


I have just sent you a PM with a lot of info in, that might help.

What brings you to want to learn magick? :smiley:

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A wish.

Have you ever had any supernatural or paranormal experiences in the past?

No hidden powers/.

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Welcome to the BALG forum.

Where do you hail from?


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Well, if you’re into the left hand path (and I will assume you are since we’re here)…

Draconian Ritual Book

Does a good job of introducing you to the basic ideas and practices and gives you some introductory work to sort of “introduce” you to all the main players. By the time you’re done, you should have a pretty good idea of what you’ll want to do next. It also has a definite viewpoint (Draconian tradition, as interpreted by Asenath Mason, Bill Duvendack, and ‘their’ Temple of Ascending Flame order); but it isn’t dogmatic about it.

I have other books, if that proves too much for you from the jump. I actually started with two other books and only discovered this one once I was already on the path for a while and had just decided that this “devil shit” thing was the road I was going to head down.


Thank you ,
Actually, I’m new to this path, i mean Brand new. :innocent:with no psychic senses and abilities.
Right now I’m reading laws of attraction and other basic topics.
Solutions to my problems, i mean exploring by reading.

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