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My name is Moxie/Drew, I am new to magick and gods and demons. I accidentally posted before I got the chance to introduce who I am so I am sorry. I am 17 years old and i work for music companies. I used to be christian until i realized that there more celestials than imagined. I have trouble with voices and mental illness. I’m looking to be basically a tyrant and patron for certain goddesses, I want an interesting life. I have put up with a lot of bs and hate my whole life and I just want someone to use me so that I can feel worth while. I call upon those who can help me connect with Lilith, I can’t seem to get my mind of her. I am willing to take any advice, I really want out of this hard life… I want to be wanted by woman of high power because my mom was never around. I also love the idea of doing something for something bigger than myself.


Truly fascinating and very honest. I even find it really interesting that you are able to differentiate the voices in your head in such a way that you considered no communication to occur, that the thinking most often called delusional did not cooperate with the other desires so that it appeared Lillith was talking in your head or something. I’m also interested what connection the abuse may have had to an interest in worship and service to a female figure or conceptual design. Very curious stuff! What would a “Tyrant” do for a Goddess in your opinion? Also why?

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I have never really had a mother figure in my life. So goddesses are who I look to, Lilith and her sisters seem like people who want relationships. I want to do their dirty work here on earth, chores, if I may call them. A representative for the goddesses to humans. I want to help them so that one day that I may be glorified in their honor. I want someone to be proud of me for a change.

What do you imagine or suspect such would want you to do, and how do you expect they might communicate their desires or tasks to you?

They are goddesses, they have power, i am uneducated to as how much they can do but i am expecting dreams. I tried to contact Lilith as if the previous night. Apparently she will send me Someone to explain.

I need supplies, money, and a succubus

What is your music industry work exactly? What do you imagine a Succubus does? Where did you get the idea someone will be sent to you to explain? That is usually how it seems to come about, which might also make the work of those who serve a little bit unpleasant, if you don’t like the idea of ending up in situations where you might have to help or interact with people. The reason for these questions is to see what the rough borders of your expectations might be and what may qualify as sucessfully meeting your desires or interests or goals.

I am a people person, I want to a succubus as a mediator and wife. But I also have no idea what the realm of celestials is like so maybe she could give me info. I have no real morals, I just do as I am told.


I used to work with people like lecrae and tobmac and NF

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I have also had mixed ideas of Lilith and her succubi so I don’t know what’s truth. Some people say she’s me and some people love her.i want to serve that’s all

A succubus draws strength from love and sex

Would you prefer a real human woman who enjoys having sexual intercourse with you, or do you specifically want to have sexual experiences which might not involve a real physical person you might have to care for or deal with?

If your talent is in some field, have you considered using that talent or your connections to try to benefit and promote your interests or what you might think is best? For example, if you have musical talent, to create and dedicate some efforts towards producing music you may profit from which is inspired by the theme of Lillith or whatever you may like to try to put into your music and which would perhaps also satisfy and comfort you in some ways as well as others? Then you might be someone who is doing something creative and potentially profiting from it while spreading the praise of and inspiring praise for what you also admire. No matter what your talent or interest might ever be, you could make it perhaps function in this way as well, in case you don’t want to use your musical knowledge or contacts for such a thing.

In my opinion, you don’t need to write letters or anything to communicate with what you might want in this case.

You know somewhat what you like, and can refine your interests through careful analysis, and then see if anything at all might be wisely done with those interests and materials.

It is very likely that, if you had qualities which you developed which would be appropriate and effective for showcase, you would be able to profit from such in several ways, including the possibility of developing a strongly satisfying sexual practice, without or with a physical partner and also increase the likelihood of attracting such.

Hmmm not what I’m aiming for. The music business is not for me. I want a relationship with Lilith and other goddesses. I’m not interested in worldly women. I want to help the goddesses. I want to have a relationship with them. I’m sick of other people. I want a goddess on my side


I’m after Lilith. I have had her on my mind for half a year. She is trying to tell me something.

Very good, that is just the sort of thing to sort through. In that case, would you consider writing on the topic? I mean, when people don’t have a particular interest in doing something via productions, they might become lecturers or preachers of their particular beliefs or interests, profiting from the sales of their books or going to speak or donations or organizations they create for the purpose of promoting whatever they are interested in. Many even might start doing this as a demonstrative act of their devotion, and keeping at it dilligently, a show of their love and devotion to the cause they imagined or developed. Even by talking about things in such a way that people can relate to, one can profit from such. Basically, getting money usually comes in some way from people, and service to a spiritual cause also often has to do with promotion or spreading it to and among people, but if one just wishes for a private enjoyment, there is work that does not involve as much interaction with other people as some jobs do, and can give more time to Lillith. See, the thing with Lillith, or anything one might call a God, is that they are usually imagined these days as not really in need of anyone or anything, and simply taking or doing whatever they do or want to do.

The theme of Lillith has been connected to night, sex, diseases and child loss, as well as the production of monsters as well as madness. Later on, it became a symbol of female liberation as well, and linked to vampirism of various sorts as well as rape. All these things are active in the world, regardless of any particular individuals. Currently I’ve been watching a show full of these themes, where one character is obsessed with such devotion (Dusk Till Dawn on Netflix).

For me, my favorite dimension of the Lillith supercomplex is the darkness generating monsters theme.

What is interesting also is that I think you may have mentioned somewhere not feeling whole, which would mean “feeling a gap” and from that hole, it may be thought that monsters are formed, like the mental disease, the possible fears regarding the future, life, or your status or worth.

If you’re attracted to Lillith, in my view, Lillith has already been involved with your experience and continues to be even now, perhaps even in ways you might take for granted or not acknowledge, seeing them as merely mundane.

If one wishes to soundly represent anything well, I think the best way to go about it might be ordering and developing excellence in multiple dimensions.

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Thank you kind person, may we continue this conversation tomorrow. I need rest and time to reflect over your wisdom.

Of course, and thank you for your patience with me and my writing, I appreciate it. Have a wonderful rest! Your coments which inspired mine have also been very fruitful for me to think about again.

For me you rape, monters and suck people dry is a lot of dogma invented to scare people of. Lilith gives much more to learn from.

Yeah. Those are just things people tend to have associated with the term in their folklore and stories, I don’t think Lillith is bad or harmful or anything like that, but a lot of people are attracted to her while also attracted to dark themes like those things people have associated with the term, and they might not feel very satisfied by a usage of the term which lacks those associations.

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