Moving with only about 2k across the country , anyone ever done something like this?

I’m at a really low point in my life and I just can’t take it here anymore. I live a pretty pathetic life living with my parents with no prospects and just procrastinating saving to move to SD. It’s never gonna happen like this and life will never get better with this shitty pessimistic attitude so I’m just gonna do it.

Anyone ever do this ? I might not even have a vehicle when I move. I got a really good deal on getting it fixed through a friend of the faimly who knew a guy but it’s been a week and still remains to be seen. It should only take 2 hrs max.

Maybe he stole it. Last time I talked to him Thursday he said it should be done Friday because he had it on the floor after another vehicle. Haven’t heard from him since and he didn’t pick up the phone today. I don’t care. Fuck that truck. I give no fucks about it anymore.

I could try to sell all my expensive guitar gear because I stopped playing but I wouldn’t get a 1/4th on of what it’s worth on CL so I’ll just wait and put it up online when I come back for it.

Anyone done this before ? Any good demons to help me make connections With stuff like this ? Where would I practice magick if I’m homeless for a little bit ?

It reminds me of that guy in the book of Azazel who had his life turned upside down to be built back stronger. Except I’m doing it on my own. Or am I ? Maybe king paimon is pushing me to do it and I don’t know it yet.

Itll definately help me do some soul searching as well.

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Coming from someone who has taken questionable leaps of faith in similar ways, I would say wait a bit and get things sorted. You need a plan, even if you don’t know exactly how things will play out. And SD is very expensive. May not be the best place to go for this trip. If you can make friends there through the internet, you might be able to set something up.

Also, a vehicle provides a sense of freedom, and a place to be if you have no home. Might be a good idea to make sure you have that before heading anywhere.

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Ive been doing that since the late 80s, but never with more than a few hundred dollars, and only twice with my own vehicle.

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You could call police and say it’s stolen. I had to do it when my ex wife took my car. The next day appeared in my drive way like magic

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@veneficus I did have a plan to save a lot more and have a good running vehicle before but everything keeps falling through and I’m not getting any younger. I’ve been trying to do this for the last 2 years and plans just keep falling through so it’s now or never. Things aren’t go get any better.

I’m at a big enough low point ( mentally mostly) to just to leave and start somewhere fresh. Oh and Dmv area is almost just as expensive I promise you , especially dc/NVA and the tidewater area.

Doing a lot of calculations online my wage would not only mostly make up for the cost of living in my field provided I get a stable job but my state income tax would less lol.

I’m not romanticizing this at all, San Diego isn’t the best place to move without know anyone but it’s doable. I’d rather be homeless than where I am now anyway.

Atleast my disgusting family wouldn’t be around me. I literally can not take anymore. And my dads always behind on bills anyway ( much poorer than me) so I could be homeless here regardless. Tough shit.

I’ve done all my homework on SD trust me.

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Sounds like you have it figured out. I’m sure you’ll be fine and do well. For what it’s worth, whenever I move to a new city, I always do volunteer work asap. Great way to meet people and learn your way around.



I don’t know if they’ll do anything because the truck wasn’t running when I bought it from someone else just recently. I left the title and bill of sale in the truck and always kept it locked but the title was signed over to me but I never went and got the copy of it with my name on it. It want running so I figured whateves for the time being.

It’s been a week now and my trucks probably been chopped and sold for parts or malacoously tampered with if I do end up getting it back. Oh well.

Crazy part is this was someone a good friend of the family recommended to me. Makes no sense.

I could try to call the seller because we still keep in touch and see if he has anything with his name on it and the vin number.

Given more of these details, I would agree with @Jpj. You seem to have things figured out, and a plan to boot. I’d say go for it, and just be prepared for the worst, just in case.

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