Moving to Oregon and i don't know anyone but i'm gregarious and interested in meeting practicioners/mages/witches in the area

Hello all! :smiley: I am relocating in hopefully a little than a month and was wondering who lives close to Salem OR? I understand not everyone may wish to engage with a total stranger for a possible IRL meet and that’s okay. I’m quite unabashed and confident and would love to hear from you just to discuss the unique challenges that face our kind of folk in state even if we can’t meet up. If there are any senior members up there I would very much like to fill the gaps in my knowledge and horizons, so thank you for your time.


*little more than

I’m in Oregon but hardly a senior member.


There’s a pretty prolific occult community in Portland OR


Id like to meet anyone period because if one fails to learn from another then you have failed to grasp the lesson in life. I’m very eclectic. So from whence do you hail friend?

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Yes but I’m from LA and the same holds true here. I figure I’m in a fairly rural state why not see what the mid size to small city scenes are like? Maybe get some people together, find the local vortex, and see what happens. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Practitioners are practitioners everywhere and there are assholes everywhere it’s a simple truth. I can plainly see that the people differ greatly from one state to the other but I’d like to MEET IRL some witches who enjoy the darker side of things who aren’t complete flakes given a hearty injection of douchebaggery. I don’t do social media at all so this is really my first foray into socializing on the web. If anyone needs me to flesh out my bio a bit more before you get too deep just let me know or PM me if you want more info.

Please let me make it clear I’m not generalizing. I’ve had quite a…run of associations. Mostly I’ve found ill luck but where I’ve had good it’s nothing but riches.

I suppose mainly I’m looking for other people who might know something I don’t. I’ve been around the block a time or two and am willing to share.

I’m near Veneta mainly taking care of some of my parents needs. My practice is lax and off the cuff; more like dabbling here and there. Hit a rough spot this last year in many parts of my life and this year isn’t starting out all that great either. In fact it seems like I’ve hit a veil block completely. Absolutely zilch even in dreams. So it’s mostly mundane routine and some meditation until I sort out some stuff.

Practice can be difficult since my Pa can be critical on spirituality in what he sees as right (kind of narcissistic tbh and can drain you). My ma is an animal lover and a bit of a hoarder and she’s not been doing well physically or mentally. Many times her memory forgets. Both have severe health issues and it takes our combined resources to keep the house afloat financially.

My transport suffers the worse. I now have an arthritic right toe, get more tired and need better shoes and a better bike. In fact, back tire went flat again but not surprising since it’s bald. I’ve had shit luck online finding a tire and there’s no close local store. I live outside veneta and the Eugene bike stores are full down town. You will notice a rather large homeless problems, crimes being up, etc.

My real magical or life issue is purpose. I just have no drive and see much as pointless (including after life). The only real goal I even had is much like existential suicide and that’s seeing if there is a singularity creator of all and seeing if I can tempt it to erase me entirely from all. Failing that… kill it. It’s a displeasure and maybe it’s the sheer life draining of a situation I’ve put myself into.

This is why I warn people to stay away from parasites, vampiric attacks, or depressive negative persons and situations. In the end you’re pulled down, and that drive to succeed at anything goes. It truly becomes suicidal in mind. I think of it like the lines at the end of diablo 1 where that dark will is clawing continually but the only “demon” is that will.

I often wonder if that soul contract agreement before one is born is true. The one where you set rules or something tells you limits (then of course you forget).

For all my rituals, chants, meditations, dreams, etc I’ve bared little to nothing. Deals, contracts, invocations, possessions, prayers, etc are ignored.

I’ll weather it in the end. But upon death I’ll have nothing giving or glad to say to any being other than “take me to the creator so this can be ended.”

Sorry for the deviation but my mind has been heavy lately. Perhaps it severe depression or perhaps it’s the utter realization that nothing matters in an eternity of infinite being. Not even a paradox. Eternity serves no point and limited mortality serves none esp if erased. It just drains the life out of you in all aspects.

My question to you is what ATE you willing to give a shot? Right now?

I try simple rituals and very much under the radar. I’d dare say they follow no form other than enns, and sigil and once in a while an earth offering to my shrine.

You might have to elaborate on what your experience is. I do know there are meetup groups and a much large occult following in Portland and Salem. Veneta, Cottage grove are pretty up and up. Veneta though… dunno; mostly churchy folks here.

I dabbled in enochian, blood offering, Succubi summoning, tribal dance/singing, sex magic, tune casting. But all that was dabbling. The tomes written by many I skim. I evaluate if the chants mean anything. I’m one who believes the being should know intent and can communicate easily.

Perhaps a group can accomplish something. I actually ponder the effectiveness of covens but all I have to go on is tv/movie media.

Now there is possibly one place of interest in Oregon that I haven’t heard any magi comment on:

Sadly it’s more of a tourist area now but a group of magi with various talents might make something of it.

That’s all I do on the super side of things and it works. Personally I believe because I approach honestly, sincerely, respectfully, adaptably, in an open spirit doing my damnedest not to let negative bullshit cut me off from my spirituality, and in the true spirit of mutual benefit. You may not think you have anything to offer but you’re wrong. If you’re willing to get a quarter of a percent better every day you have something. Salem you say hmm…interesting. I believe they understand intent but they respect integrity. Nothing wrong with a simple, non convoluted regimine taken from different disciplines. Covens can be extrodinarily efficient if no power trips, misalignment, misunderstandings (that aren’t corrected), etc come up. I’ve had both profoundly negative experiences and those where I schemed to fit my coven mates into luggage. :grin: Word of this vortex has reached me. I’ve heard tell of one in Salem from a gentleman who was down on his luck. I gave him a couple of smokes and he said “Thank you for acknowledging me” at that point I knew I had to take him inside and have a meal at the McDonald’s he was sitting outside of. We talked, learned a lot and possibly most valuable of all I collected more perspective. I think that would make a good place for a first meet, the tourist vortex. We can get impressions of the spot each other but that’s months from now after we get to know one another better. It’s hard to cut through the static and buzz of mundane minds gathered in a place of power but a far cry from impossible.