Moving and Manifesting Physical Objects - Experiences

This is my very first experience with this, and I understand that it sounds absolutely absurd and may be a little bit… gross?

However, I have been struggling financially, and could not afford to purchase toilet paper until payday, which was three days away. I had been washing myself with water after peeing, and saving “number two” for work.

Then I got mild food poisoning.

And I swear to you all, upon everything I love, that I reached up and there was a new, fresh roll of toilet paper sitting on my counter. I can say with full conviction that this roll of toilet paper did not exist before that moment. Someone, most likely King Paimon (although no one is taking credit for it, I feel like it was specifically him), manifested that roll of toilet paper in that moment so that I would be okay until payday. I live alone, and the only other explanation I can think of is that someone broke into my house and put a roll of toilet paper in my bathroom, but that seems extremely unlikely.

Have any of you experienced anything similar? This happened a few weeks ago and I think about it daily.


It’s possible you could have manifested it yourself. See the book Mindlight by Silver Ravenwolf for an explanation of quantum thought and how our inner agreement with ourselves can lead to the collapse of the quantum wave function and the manifestation of objects and events.


Thank you! I will check this out.

It didn’t even cross my mind that I could’ve manifested it myself. I’m not sure I’m strong enough!

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It’s got nothing to do with how “strong” you are. It’s actually something we do without realising it. When every part of us is in agreement, we are capable of miracles. However, most people are at war with themselves and never agree about anything.


Hmm. I’ve not had that experience no. It sounds pretty amazing.

I’ve had things that I’ve lost, and I uttered out complaints with my eyes pointed at the sky, like my guides are above me or something, then had the object seemingly appear in a spot I had already searched or glinting in the rocks in front of me.

The other thing I’ve taken to is attempting to manifest things rather than money. Before I moved into my apartment I journaled: and I woke up and gramma told me she found a bed for free, a couch for free, a table free and several end tables for free.

I actually ended up with all that within in about three weeks. That was literally all I did was write it in my journal, like it had happened. I’ve been thinking I should do another set like that, however the rest of that journal I did not include here, because it hasn’t happened. The rest happened well over a month ago.

Seems like when you joined (correct me if I am wrong please, I didn’t double check), you’d had some weird experiences and encounters without attempting to. It is possible you are more gifted than you realize.


That’s what’s known in Law of Attraction circles as “scripting.”


I was just basing it around Taylor Ellwoods Magick of writing or whatever that book I like is called lol. It was a good book, but man was the first half with all the technical aspects of writing dense.

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Manifesting physical objects is a goal of mine. But I have not done it before.