Mould on food. (Mold)

Has anyone experienced almost instant mould on their fresh food? Like literally, the food in my was bowl was perfect 1 hour ago (I know because I just ate some) but now it’s covered in think black mould?

Any reasons this would happen?

Edit: They were fresh figs.


Did you do anything magickal in that area, any ritual, any evocation etc ?.

If so I’ve heard stories of spirits passing through the room and seeing their favourite type of food and feast on it.

Of course normally food had to be offered, they drain the food of its vitamins, nutrients and energy.

However there are some instances and some spirits that can just take the food, but the spirit must be at a high presence of manifestation.

Djinns are known for doing this alot, that’s why many Muslims say a short Arabic prayer before even taking a sip from a glass before the Djinn try and feast with them.

I’ve had the food mold quickly when the spirit feasts on it, through me giving offerings.
Theoretically if certain foods are left in ritual areas this could happen too.


Yes. The fruit was in a bowl in my kitchen. I perform most of my rituals here.

I have performed both your powerful love ritual and ‘tried’ evoking Duke Sallos in this room.

Edit: My offer to Sallos was whisky and pistachios.

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Spirits can enhance life or they can destroy it. It sounds like you might have a problem with cleansing and banishing in your ritual area. This happened to me with fresh bananas i had purchased and within an hour started to over ripen and turn black.

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States can change in any manner although we habitually expect gradual or predictable changes. Such seemingly “odd” ( :slight_smile: it isn’t actually :slight_smile: ) occurrences are indicators of a corresponding shift in your consciousness. It’s a goo thing to notice IMO.

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