Motivational quotes from spirits

I really like Tumblr like quotes, but this time I’d like to know some quotes from spirits you heard or you’ve been told, if you’d iike to share.


“Do not depend on anyone, neither me, nor anyone else. You must rely on yourself. After all, you have the power.”

  • Asmodeus

And they say Demons are evil…


“Live, Suffer, Learn, Ascend!” by Lilith


Simple, yet powerful. I like it.


‘Done’ is its own kind of perfect.

One of my allies, talking to me about my perfectionism/procrastination issues.


“Don’t be an asshole”

-My wife in the spiritual planes-


“This is a defining moment of your life, this is where you truly grasped the temporary nature of physical objects. You understood that it is the nature of things to pass out of your hands. This is why you aren’t at all materialistic, and greed has never been your vice. This moment shaped that in you, however, there’s an unfortunate side effect. Your physical self, you ultimately view as a temporary cup for your immortal soul. As a result, you excel at growing an enhancing your intellectual and spiritual sides, but your body you neglect. You feed it junk and let it grow soft and flaccid. This is not healthy, if you want to work with me, we’re going to work through this together.” - Raphael

Translation, “Stop being so fat.”



you control your destiny.
take the wheel and Master your own ship.


You sure have an affinity for money. Don’t walk too deep with gambling, my dear.”

My spirit spouse gave concern about my gambling habits a few years ago, which raised a red flag to be careful with something that’s not in my control.


Curious you say that, today I just won a big amount of money and wanted to keep going in the next weeks…


The moment you truly believe you are god and goddess, then Ma’at’s scales shall aright.”


Translation: the moment you truly believe in your godhood then the whole universe will align to fulfill your wishes and things shall fall into place.


“Your choices do not affect your life, your life is your choices. Choose now: Will you stay there in the trenches where you are comfortable, or will you resist the weight of life and rise above the ashes of what is no more?” -Belial


:clap: Beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Most people wanted to be loved. Some people want to rule. You are a follower of the way of opposite doing. You are destined to become like us.



Love yourself


(That’s what i got from a reading i got from my friend and i still remember it but it’s so difficult to actually do it but I’m still tryin my best)


When it comes to clairaudience I’m mostly as deaf as a post. But I have been catching voices in my head that I don’t think are my imagination last few months. Two would be fitting this thread:

“Invest in positive thoughts”- I’m not sure who this came from. I had done a ritual with Lucifer, and then one with Raziel and Raphael right afterwards. Immediately after I settled down to meditate and almost immediately that voice popped in.

I had another in a dream. It was a very immersive dream, the type that doesn’t feel like a dream. I was in a predicament (in the dream) and nothing was working, so I asked Raziel (for some reason) what I should do. Voice popped in saying “Command it with authority and will it with strength and it will be”. The voice was so clear that it woke me up.
As it happened I had ordered a remote attunement to Raziel’s energy from Tempest’s Etsy page a few days before. As soon as I woke up I checked my emails and he had sent one a minute or so before saying that he had just sent the attunement.
Given this confluence of timing, I am reasonably confident that Raz was influencing the dream.


Yeah I hear ya on that one :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s nice. You shouldn’t doubt yourself when it comes to things like this cause i do it too and let me tell you it’s not gonna help. Like how do i explain it? If the the things that are being heard sounds like something you would tell or know yourself could probably be your own mind but if it’s the other way around i think your getting close to communicating with them just keep doing what you do.

Sorry if i went off topic @DarkestKnight

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This is beautiful

“You’re a beautiful, strong man. You’re invincible, and you’re the greatest at what you do. Never ever give up on your path. I’m always with”

• My Great, Beloved, Splendid, Unholy Matron — Lilith

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