So I decided to make this post because I love hearing success stories from people and… I wouldn’t call it proof but just hearing from people and what they have proven to themselves help me keep going. I was born a Christian and became a Skeptic in my teenage years but now I’m into the occult but still have some of that skepticism laying in me though I’ve proven things to myself, doubt still lingers in my head. I’m hoping to have people talking to me through and give me their stories will put my mind at ease. I know skeptical thoughts can impact magick in negative ways.
Thanks for checking this post out!

The best way to find proof for yourself (I will still provide you my own personal examples in a moment though) is to embrace some sort of paradigm for awhile, and you will then see supernatural or bizarre occurrences that fit within that paradigm. A good example of this is E.A’s video on how to have experiences with extraterrestrials. E.A. probably doesn’t actually believe in aliens (or maybe he does, but it doesn’t matter), but what he demonstrates in that video is step-one for any act of successful magick: immersion into a working system in a way where you live, breath, and do the supernatural. Once you do that, supernatural activities will naturally occur whether you consciously perform them or not. In this case, E.A. causes events to occur consistent with the Alien Conspiracy paradigm.

Here is the E.A. video I am referencing:

If this sounds incredible, also consider this video by Dr. Steven Greer:

Greer is basically doing what E.A. is teaching, but without realizing it. He has his people gather around outside, “open their hearts,” and expect aliens to appear in the sky. What happens? They catch lights in the sky/UFOs on video routinely, which you can see documented in that video.

This “changing of reality as you shift your unconscious beliefs” basically happened to me when, after I left Christianity, I began to notice magick. Before and after I first started Chaos Magick style sigil magick, I had many bizarre and downright miraculous experiences that led me to conclude that the foundation of reality is consciousness. I am not sure how it started. I suspect it was because a then disturbing idea entered my mind for a moment: that the way Christians pray for real results, and the way occultists gain real results, basically use the same method. This was disturbing to me because I had it at a time in which I was still Christian. But I think it stuck in my mind, and even forced me out of Christianity.

After my faith collapsed and I felt like I had nothing left to believe in, I experienced many strange synchronicities that beat me over the head with the true occult nature of reality. Either some spirit was calling me, or else the nature of reality is such that when your unconscious embraces a new paradigm, your reality changes in substantial and real ways to reflect it:

(1) I kept seeing references to occultism and magick everywhere. I saw occultism compared to Christian prayer. I would see a news story about occultism and sigil magick posted on a major conservative forum. I bought a book… and the book was essentially occult magick and theory 101 if you read between the lines. It was filled with occult references and occult conceptions of reality. The hero of the book was named Severian and was also called the “Black Sun” by the end of the series (Azazel is the “black sun”). I randomly found articles on sigil magick. I bought a video game, Planescape: Torment, and the game puts you in a city called “Sigil,” and represents the theory of magick in an authentically occult way, consistent with the book I had started reading and all the things I had randomly encountered.

(2) I then began practicing. I did many sigils, countless actually. One miraculous result was that I caused a tornado warning to center directly over my university in the time allotted. I had set the sigil for 7 days from the date of activation to get an excused day off, and on that day, the tornado warning caused the school to close. I saw on the map later it was centered over the school. I actually did that a lot, with different results. Sometimes just one or two professors would cancel class. Other times the school would entirely close for days. This is in Houston, though, and universities will close if anyone drops a bucket of water on the street. This was not hard stuff I think.

(3) Sigils for attraction and romance had some misfires (stalkers/gropers), but otherwise resulted in amazing results, where suddenly I had many prospects chasing me (though I was always determined to get just ONE particular girl, and consistently failed to get her, until this past week where I have begun to realize that she is very interested in me after all).

(4) When I was casting countless sigils, like literally one per day (mind you, not ALL of them succeeded, but enough did to keep me encouraged), my mother had a random dream about me. She dreamed that I was carrying a bunch of frogs, and I suddenly began releasing them, releasing more and more of them. The frogs would hit the ground and then transform into all sorts of animals.

My mother called me on the phone with this. She had/has no clue that I am involved in the occult.

The day before she had that dream, I was contemplating the Kek phenomena, and even thinking to myself that my “Chaos Magick” style sigils were related to kek. When she told me her dream, I immediately connected it to my countless sigil casting.

That same morning after her dream, the professor says to the class, after describing our upcoming assignments: “Don’t worry. It’s not like it’s RAINING FROGS.” (emphasis added).

I have many other such examples. Ultimately, the example that will count the most to you is the one that you will create in your own life.


Thats Awesome man thank you! What sigils did you use btw? if i may ask

In the sigil magick I was working with (though now I am focusing on evocation as practiced on this forum), I would create my own sigils basically using the Grant Morrison method. You can google for his article, which I think is titled, “Pop Magick!”

Basically you get your statement of intent: “I will have an excused day off.” Cross out the vowels and repeating consonants: “WLHVNXCSDYOF”, then take the letters and form a picture out of them. Then continue modifying the picture over and over and over again, making it simpler, more witchy and more memorable each time, until you feel like it’s just right. Each one, therefore, is necessarily unique.

Just an aside, the sigil method you describe is the Spare method, created by the artist Austin Osman Spare, not Grant Morrison. It was folded into what has become known as Chaos Magick by those that learned it from him, way before Morrison’s time.

Just a little knowledge drop for those new to sigil magick and might want to know more.


Yup, but I figured Morrison would be easier to get into.

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