Motivation for exercise and weight loss

Hello all

Firstly, let me say that I’m not looking for a spell to make me lose weight and get fit in minutes. I know this isn’t Harry Potter (thankfully)

I am struggling with some long term health issues (joint pain, exhaustion) that has resulted in a 20kg weight gain over the last few years.

I need a boost in motivation to exercise amd the willpower to diet. Working from home has made me very sedentary and I’m deeply unhappy with the way I look but cannot seem to stick to anything.

Any ideas for boosting willpower and motivation?


Orias, Belial, Marbas.

Specifically for motivation and willpower, the first two are extremely good.


Attach your goal to another goal that you desire more. Then focus on that higher desire, use it as a motivation. Keep it always in mind, always around you everywhere you go. When you remember your original goal, always remember the higher goal with it. Combine them together in your mind. When you think of one, instantly remember the other.

Use visualization to see yourself enjoying that higher desire, after achieving your main goal.

That should create enough desire and willpower for you.


Heard this from the void,

“Do it or I’ll kill You”

Lol, motivation enough?

P.s. I won’t kill you… maybe lol jk



Perhaps ‘wim hofs’ book on cold-training can be of help with the non weight related issues. Its about exposing your body to cold so you develop more antiseptic hormones. These can help with jointaches for example.


Just think about why you wanna lose weight and force yourself to go out and work out hard.
Nobody can motivate us to do something that we truly don’t wanna do.
I would advise you to join a gym if you’re working out at home, because most people tend to skip exercising by giving silly excuses at home, and if you currently work out at a gym, it’s great.

I would advise you to follow Jeff Cavaliere’s advise, he is probably the most knowledgeable fitness expert on YouTube, his channel, Athlean-X -
You can also watch Elliott Hulse’s videos on YouTube, he has two channels and he’s motivating as hell.

Watch this motivating video by Jeff -

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You’re always there for the motivation :joy:


Same problem here, gained weight too. I would work with Lucifer. New Avatar Power can help too.

How i try to do it.

  1. Eat healthier, less meat.
  2. Use the health app on your phone. Walk or bike 3 times a day 30 minutes. One time after dinner.
  3. Try to do some exercise one time every two days (push ups, belly muscles)

Work at home 2 days so i know what you mean


And substances if it’s alcohol or drugs will make you lazy too.


I’m almost entirely sedentary, which is the issue. Managed to do some sprint interval training today and will do some weights after work. I just really lack any sort of willpower , I’m naturally a lazy and hedonistic creature.


Sounds to me you need to rewire your brain and habbits to remove laziness. I highly recommend adding 30+ days of hypnosis and affirmations alongside any magickal workings you intend to do.

Look on Youtube for things like “reprogram brain to workout - hypnosis” or “eat only healthy food hypnosis” etc. Aim for files that are about 30-60 minutes long. Listen twice per day if possible, once when waking up (preferably during meditation) and once when going to sleep.

Bonus points if you actually start working out :joy:


During the pact you can say,in return I will give you 10 kilos🤣Then they will take it from you🤫


you guys crack me up, exercising with chronic pain is a doozy but I managed it today


I like my approach better, more incentive :roll_eyes:


Good job

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I’m not that attached to life tbh :rofl:


This sounds quite intriguing. I wonder if it’ll work.

Try something easy, like tai chi or qi gong. There are forms of qi gong that can be done seated, if your chronic pain doesn’t allow you to stand long.


Work around the pain use medicine ball and machines at the gym instead of free weights. As for cardio this is summer try and swim 30 min a day 3 times a week once your body got use to it do 4 to 5 times week 45 min swim . As for diet eat proteins chicken Brest, eat salmon cause the oil in it aids with fat loss drink green tea 2times a day to boost your metabolism drink plenty of water cause ur body is 80%water eat 5 times a day small meals so you don’t go catabolic. Build some muscle all over your body to improve your metabolism and you burn more calories at rest also. Oh ya and eat your vegetables if you don’t like em throw them in the blender. That’s just basics. I am personall Trainer :smiley:


As for motivation you need to imagine and visualize yourself how will you feel and look once you reach your goal. :wink:
When you don’t feel like working out and you still go and work out those are the days that counts most and brings you closer to your goal