Mothers love (Question)

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about something for awhile now. See my adopted mother passed away when I was 9 years old. Before her, well my birth parents basically abandoned me and my 2 sisters, so didn’t really have the mother-son bond there…since we had to basically fend for ourselves till the authorities found us.

My older sister, before the orphanage acted as a “mom” for me and my other sister when our parents abandoned us – she took care of us…which was hard. That’s difficult for me because after mom passed, she got involved in drugs and she also passed away 4 years ago. She was the oldest – me being the youngest.

So I only really have 6 years of being able to really feel what it was like to feel love from a mother, or I guess that mother-son bond, and emotional support. My dad is awesome, but he struggles to help/understand me emotionally which he himself has admitted. I understand that, him and I get along very well, but I think I miss having a mother figure in my life. Although I’ll admit I don’t remember what it was like well…all I know was I was VERY attached to mom.

I feel like this has really impacted me, I know subconsciously I’m looking for a mother figure, or something like that…it’s complicated.

My question is, well I mean I’m not really sure. Part of me wants to feel love from someone who is “motherly” towards me (since I miss that), but I know I’ll never have a mom – well one that is Physically alive with me. I think about this ALOT, and realize it impacts my work (magical) to – as I’ve been preferring to work with well female spirits/goddesses/etc due to this. And Physically I tend to attach more to females then males – emotionally that is for similar reasons, ones who feel motherly, or act in that way.

My feelings on this topic are pretty mixed – part of me craves/misses/desires that type of love/bond/mother figure in my life again (spiritual or Physical) but I’m not sure…

So is there a way I can EXPERIENCE/FEEL this type of love/connection again? Mudane or otherwise. I know no one will replace my mom (and I will NOT let anyone ever take her place – she means alot to me), but I want to feel something similar or that type of support/connection again.


There are certain reactions from males to get into relationships with women who act motherly to them. This isn’t really all that weird, mind you, but it has the risk of going too far and getting a dude incapable of properly function without his mommy keeping order in their lives.

Real problem, I think, is when it is a pathological. We all have or have had partners and they took care of certain things because they were better at it or because we hate it or whatever, but in certain cases, and I have seen this, it can render a person incapable of properly working.

All of that being said, and I’m saying it just in case you didn’t know, I’m not accusing you or warning you in any way, some people here says that certain spirits behave in fatherly or motherly way with them, so I think that’s an option for you. First thing would be figuring out with whom you could develop such bond, I guess. Then again, I’m just trying to get you something to start thinking about, I can’t guide you a guide or anything.

The other option is to accept your own personal history as it is, maybe as a form of shadow work. You can outgrow it. It is possible.

Best wishes.


I haven’t been in a ROMANTIC relationship with someone in that manner. That’s not what I meant, nor what I’m looking for. Not someone to take care of me, I learned to do that for myself.

Yeah, man, I get it. That’s why I said I wasn’t acusing you or anything, I just felt I should be said. Mostly because we’re in an open forum, so the info, if not for you, could be useful for someone else.

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It may sound weird but Unsere was the entity who came to mind reading this; she is the demoness of fertility, childbirth, motherhood, and sorcery. “Her energies are incredible and she is very nurturing and healing to work with. She can take you back to those special places as a child when you felt safe and protected and cradled by the blankets of the universe”, according to this site. I’ve found it difficult to find much more about her online.

Lilith is also said to be very nurturing and motherly in some aspects.

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Honestly, I think you could do a ritual to attract this into your life, I’m going to cover the other options first.

You could certainly find a spirit to feel it with, I know I’ve read many times about mother Lilith and others so I am sure there is one out there for this if you wanted it. Yes spirit relationships are different. They can be better for some people and not for others. My issue is the tangible. Snuggly my daughter etc, yes there can be a physical feel with spirits, but its not the same.

Another option is a servitor or familiar. You can create one yourself, though that might leave you wanting in some aspect as it came from you, or you could ask a spirit for a familiar or someone to create a servitor for you that would hold the role of companion/mother without the sexual aspect as I see you don’t have any need for that, you truly want the motherly love part.

The third option, the way I see it. Is to do a ritual similar to one that attracts the nearest soul mate type into your life. Instead of a soulmate you’re looking for a mother. There are many many women out there that would naturally fill this roll without thinking about. Some just do it randomly as cases come up and others do it due to circumstance and yet still others lost a living child, and even though nothing replaces that, someone else love from a younger generation helps.

I’ve seen names of spirits that are send to be able to do things like increase familial or parental love, so I’m sure there is a spirit out there suited for this, I just don’t know who off hand. It was actually maybe only two weeks ago, I saw an angel that was said to work on strengthening parental love, but I read so much, that I can’t even begin to tell you which book it was. I think I’ve rotated 15 or 16 books through my kindle unlimited this week, as well as dug into a few that I had purchased and previously not rated as I’ll read this next.

I won’t construct a ritual for you :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m sure if you go through the love threads, you can adapt someone else’s ritual to fit this exact need.


I wonder what spirit it was.

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I really don’t recall, but if I come back across it I’ll give a shout.

The Shem angel Rehoel can help to “obtain the love of a parent.”