Most Unusual Method of Scrying


Of all the various tools and techniques you’ve come across for Scrying, what’s the strangest one you ever tried - and did it work for you?


I knew a practicing witch that would scry clouds. Didn’t work for me because the daylight was too distracting but, she swore by it. That’s the strangest I have come across.


Well, the only scrying method I have used was mentioned in one of my books by Konstantinos, and it is scrying into shadow. And yes, it works VERY well. A different method that I just sort of fell into as a young child (have you mind I didnt know what scrying was) was basically scrying wood panels. Sounds weird, but we had a lot of wood paneling growing up, lol. I would just stare at the wood, and suddenly faces would appear, then whole scenes would come to life. I find myself doing it even now, although I use my unfinished wood doors as I have no paneling…


Ah, Beboe, I love this!!! See folks, it just goes to show ya… :wink: Z


I used to have that same occurance happen when I would try scrying into the dotted tiles in the floor of my elementary school.


Ha ha ha ha ha … Fantastic! Bet the panel hangers & the floor tile layers didn’t see THAT coming! Honestly, its ENDLESS isn’t it?

Mine’s not really so unusual, so I didn’t even bother writing it, but hey, why not?

I love staring into a fire - fireplace, campfire … something in fire is so familiar to me. Mist or fog - out on open ground. (I lived on the Oregon coast for awhile.) and last, but not least used: staring up into the pitch-black ceiling after I go to bed at night . I don’t know why, but that works better for me than anything else (unless, of course, there’s a fire to be gazed). :wink: Z


I’ve actually talked to several relatives the night they died using my ceiling. It was all rather spontaneous though so I can’t say for sure whether the ceiling was being used as a scrying tool or if I was clairvoyantly seeing them.




Zoe, fire is a very powerful medium to scry into. Being that you are proficient in it could relate to that story you mentioned about New Orleans. Im pretty sure EA mentions this method in The Spider and The Green Butterfly, which is the book he co-wrote with Baron DePrince concerning Voodoo/Voudon. Very cool book.


Hmmm, Beboe, that’s enlightening. So, my inherent affinity with Fire might well be telling me things about myself I’m not currently aware of … must ponder this new information. Thank you,Beboe, for bringing it up! :wink: Z


I used to scry into our ‘seventies style’ wallpaper, although at the time I didn’t know it was scrying. I figured it were just optical illusions everyone had and no one talked about because it wasn’t important. I never got beyond the white fog because for some reason I thought I was doing damage to my eyes.


cracks his knuckes
I think I can contribute to this thread :stuck_out_tongue:
I was going all out on my scrying, using a cup of coffee, a nail hole in the wall, whatever’s clever. I think I already posted this somewhere, I know I posted this on EA’s wall, but here ya go again :slight_smile:
I was at work and had to use the mens room.
While I was sitting on the ol’ porcelain god, I noticed that my dark slacks held a sort of deep dark pitch about them as the were anchored between my legs. So I meditated down, looked into my pants, and immediately they filled with a purple “vapor”. It turns out, scrying into your pants (especially dark slacks in my experience) is pretty effective. heh
I theorized that the constant contact with the lower chakras made them prime for scrying, but I can’t say. I also purchased a little hat for the same reason and have been wearing it quite frequently. Haven’t tried scrying into it yet. But I figure the energy from the upper chakras might be more useful for scrying.
Anyway - not to repeat myself a million times, but I just get a kick out of telling this story :stuck_out_tongue:
Good night!
And as always,


Oh eM Gee, DKM It HURTS! Oh, Goddess, I can’t breathe, I laugh so hard. This is truly one for the record book! Only you, DKM, only you! :wink: Z


when I was a kid, I used to scry in our TV, in that time when there was no signal the screen didn’t go black but it went speckled(grey, white and black) We called it “snow”. Went very well at that time although back then I didn’t know it was called scrying.They told me I was ‘daydreaming’ a lot!!
Now I catch myself scrying in to nothing(don’t know how else to call it)I look around and then I let my eyes unfocuse and then the mist comes in and… I’m off…
I don’t even know if you could call this scrying?

Thanks Zoe for this tread, is good to remember how I did it when I was younger! Love all the answers!!!


Yes FREYA, you can call that scrying, or using your spiritual sight . All scrying is, is finding a tool or practise or method that allows you to more easily tap into & focus your spiritual sight…

Sometimes I forget that some of our members are outside the US. And for many of you, English is not your first language. I think our slang and comical expressions must be a bit confusing, eh?

Bear with us - and always feel free to ask! :wink: Z


Actually, I find it quite educational. As a foreigner I can find almost all expressions I’m unfamiliar with via:


hmmmmmm. I found that a guy on another site I visit was not familiar with the Addams Family, including Uncle Fester…and does it show the connection with my cousins…the Munsters?

Uncle Fester


I like to gather blood and set it up to slowly drain into a large clear glass bottle full of water and scry into the shapes the blood makes as they mix.


I bet you get some amazing results. Closest I’ve done to this is black ink in a bowl of water. The effect from that was that it went down and down. Like the bowl was very deep.


I bet you get some amazing results. Closest I’ve done to this is black ink in a bowl of water. The effect from that was that it went down and down. Like the bowl was very deep.[/quote]

It’s always a profound experience, and never the same. I came across this method accidentally when I was thinning blood out into water for a spell, and started seeing images in it. It became a regular practice for me after that.