Most powerful type of magick I've seen till now

×[I’m putting this in the journal category as when I look back I want to remember that this “feeling” is something that I never want to forget.]×

These are my “findings” which are solely based on my own experiences, this does not mean in any way that the type or form of magick that you do is not powerful or good enough as I am sure that there are many “types” of magick out there that are more powerful and even better that this. Me being new to the esoteric these are my thoughts.

Greetings everyone,
It has probably been 3 months (at most 4) since I opened my eyes to the esoteric (woke,lol); and since then I have done quite a few rituals, read a lot of books about different magickal practices and did various types of magick, but not many were as impactful as Enochian Magick. Or maybe enochian magick was this impactful for me because I never thought much about it after the rituals were done or thought greatly about it (this does not in any way mean that I disrespected it or didn’t take it seriously, neither should you) what I mean by this is that I never expected it to be this benificial.

So I was just looking up Damon Brands books as his book 72 Angels of Magick (highly recommend) brought me real results and put me on the right path in the beginning, while scrolling through the list of his books, ‘Success Magick’ piqued my interest, maybe because I wanted to know more about enochian magick, as long back when I didn’t even know anything or had much faith in the esoteric I had seen a video on Yt about John Dee and Edward Kelly, back then I thought that I’d be so grateful to these angels if even 1% of this happened with me (for real, haha).

Now I’ll stop telling you how glad I am with this magick as these are just my experiences which will just sound like tall tales; some of these tall tales being since the day I have started these rituals not a single day have I been unhappy or bored as I would discribe it the feeling that I am not being useful has gone completely, I don’t just mean this emotionally but even in real life it motivated me and brought a different kind of mindset in me that made me take steps that I never even thought I would, as I was comfortable but unsatisfied, before I started believing after a series of rituals that doing this ritual for getting ‘this’ would only make me feel bad in the end, as I knew (thought) that I would never do the work because it’ll be too hard, but now I’m truly motivated like this happy (zen, lol) kind of motivated not excited kind, to even do the work. And a lot more, it’s like a lot is happening, it’s like I’m drinking water after a long time, haha. No more depressing ass thoughts not just internally, like my whole look on life has changed, even my interests (a lot has changed, but this doesn’t mean I’m becoming someone else, it feels like I’m waking up, ik it might sound weird but doing my best to explain) like it feels real now, lol, and now this is getting cringe, feels weird to open up so I’ll just say that give it a try and I truly believe and hope that you get what you are looking for. Just know that this is some powerful stuff and remember to be respectful and grateful.
Thank you.