Most of my family thinks I'm crazy

I recently started doing invocations and have gained some telepathy skills in the process. I’ve gotten to the point where I hear what people are thinking or saying especially when it pertains to me. This sounds paranoid to even me… but its something my brother used to say to me when he first started on this path. “I hear what they’re saying about me”. I didn’t understand it then… but I do now. How do I stop caring what people think about my practice and beliefs? It’s not just my family either I realized. Any words of wisdom to share besides …oh just stop caring? Lol ty guys are awesome .
PS All of my family are devoted Christians except me and my brother.


It’s hard for anyone. Even outside of magikal things. It got to the point in my life I even lacked any self confidence whatsoever because I always thought I would screw things up which was more someone else’s thoughts than mine. I talk to the entities now and that helps but I worked out before I got to that point that if I straight off thought “oh they will think I will fail” or “they think I am crazy” etc. just the worst thoughts possible then if they didn’t it actually felt good and gave me confidence. Especially if things worked out. It was a way for me to take the power back from them because the most negative thoughts were always mine and I knew what might be said but I did things anyway. Now I am just like “Screw it, I don’t care what you think”. Still days it can be hard though, still hurts sometimes. Lucifer is good to talk to


Lmao, your gonna have a ball when you’re able to communicate with animals.

Just make sure no one notices :laughing:


Do not be so obvious.

I have been talking with him today. I’m so happy to have this gift they gave me either way! Ty

Obvious ?

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Oh no I already talk to to myself enough haha


At least you can get some sense out of yourself lol

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Yes myself or the spirits thank the gods

You have to internalise the ability to stop caring about them.

Like if I feel insecure about my looks or feel I gained a bit of weight, I notice I get more judgmental about other people.

If I feel good about myself, I feel good about everyone else, although not without boundaries of higher level judgements - I just don’t feel so afflicted by the emotional side.

If you feel good about yourself and your direction in life, someone thinking about you from a place of fear or insecurity will rouse pity or genuine, non-hostile indifference, rather than anything difficult.

Also, learn to shield yourself or play music in your mind when you wish to block their thoughts.


Yes I never thought of it that way! @Lady_Eva Thank you

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I was raised in a family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. If I told them what I’m doing they would take me to be exorcised. Knowing this I make a habit of not mentioning it. You have to pick your battles. Now there one sister in law who I drop subtle hints to (she’s not all fire and brimstone like the rest). Find that one person in the family you can talk. If not then continue to do what you are doing because no matter what you do they are going to think what they want. Just love and be there for THEM (what they don’t know won’t hurt them). As far as anyone else Fuck Them. DISCLAIMER: Of course this is all my opinion. I’m not a family consular or act like one. :grinning:


Right I don’t bring it up but I can hear there thoughts at certain times. I don’t spend much time with them anyway. I’ll just have to learn to deal.

Or drop subtle hints that let them know you know. Work what they thought into the conversation

Well at one point I saw my sister in law talking about me on the way home from family gathering . What she said word for word. I really could fuck with her haha

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Lol then do it. You would probably hear about other things as well so work a conversation around to that topic and then say “well I know x thinks blah blah blah, isn’t that right x?” when there’s no possible way you would know


Oh man she’s so anxious all the time, that would send her into complete paranoid meltdown hahaha

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Lol exactly

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