Most "..." Demons

So I’ve been curious - in your personal experience, what demons that you worked with were the most protective of you? As in, “you fuck with my dude, I’ll fuck you up”.

Also most loyal, most kind, most loving, etc.

Any quality that comes to mind, that perhaps surprised you or stood out.

I believe this would be a great little exercise and learning tool, especially to compare our experiences.

Fire away. :grin: (no pun intended, roflmao)


Astaroth & Asmodeus.


I should add that these two will act on their own to protect you, and even go so far as to exact vengeance on your behalf onto someone who wronged you.

A long time ago, when I was working with Asmodeus only, something very interesting happened. I broke up with my girlfriend at the time, and I was pretty angry because of her behavior. I mean REALLY angry. I didn’t want to curse her or anything, though. It wasn’t worth it.

…However, Asmodeus took it upon himself to make sure she suffers for her terrible behavior. And she did. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson. When I found out what happened, I was like,

“Did you do that?”

Asmodeus replied, “Come now, you don’t feel bad for her, do you?”

We both laughed.


Damn that’s awesome!

Any other spirits that stood out? I love your stories. :grin:

P.S Eva, I see you lurkin’. :wink:


Oh, yes. Through my workings, I realized just how different spirits are from each other. After I evoked around 5 entities (separately), I immediately stopped generalizing them. Every spirit is different and unique. Not all of them are good, evil, willing to help humanity. Some just really couldn’t care less, so they either just watch or mind their own thing.

Every spirit is interesting in their own way.

One of the most intriguing one is Bael. I have a story about him.

So I made a thread on these forums about 50 names of Marduk. My intuition was nudging me to just call upon Marduk and through him get to know all the other names, but I wanted forum’s opinion anyway. So, having received very little feedback, I said, fuck it, time to summon the big man himself. Astaroth even told me that I’m in for a surprise.

Rather quickly, he heard my call. I heard a familiar hoarse tone, telling me,

“Greetings. It’s been a while since we’ve last spoken. Although I expected you to contact me earlier.”

I replied, “What? Have we met before?”

At this point, I was starting to piece everything together.

“Indeed, we have. Open your closet.”

I did it, and my gaze immediately landed on the Bael idol that I have on one of the shelves.

I thought to myself, “Oh…”

And then we went back and forth about the 50 names of Marduk, and he pointed out some synchronicities I have missed which lead me to contacting Marduk.

Now, and this bears mentioning, the demon Bael is in fact an amalgam of many other entities. He is not just A Ba’al, but rather, a bunch of Ba’als mashed together. And, as you might know, Marduk has a title of Bel and, mythologically, has many similarities to the Semitic Baal(s). He’s also Kek, in a way, but that’s another story altogether. I think @Lady_Eva can expand more on this as she had same experience(s).

As for Marduk/Bael. He is very powerful. I think grimoires don’t do him justice. The dude is a badass, and a huge powerhouse. I’ve seen him do stuff that blew my mind.


Yes - the Bael I’ve worked with is an entity different to the “lord of flies” people call Baallzebub or whatever - “my” Bael actually seems linked more to Kek, Ra, Sekhmet, and Marduk. I don’t usually try to syncretise beings but these are the things I saw.

I treat each one as distinct when working with them, though.

He feels paternal in a good way, actually more like grandfatherly, like a loving grandfather who has interesting stories of his adventures, and who wants you to do well.

Baal as you probably know meant Lord, so I’m guessing people who call using that name get what they expect - I was looking for a god and found one, and I used the old fashioned grimoire image of Cat, Toad and Crowned Man to contact him.

He also gave me this altered version of his seal, which might connect you to the being I interact with, people have said both on here and on another forum that it works very fast:

The link in this video evocation E.A. did is very strong and I highly recommend it for preparatory immersion:

I love him and regard him as more than just a spirit I do work with, it’s deeper than that - I actually theorise he’s somehow connected to whatever GM’d humans into being, but I don’t have any reason for that beyond a deep sense of blood kinship.

Hope something there is useful! :smiley:


Yup, that sigil works incredibly fast; tested by myself many times.

And, yes, I too advocate treating entities as separate unless told/experienced otherwise. I myself have come to my own personal “gnosis,” for the lack of better word, that there are natural principles which are represented by entities. For example, 6 entities are just different faces for the same principle, and thus I’ll treat those 6 entities as the same being, except I might call them by their names accordingly but I’ll acknowledge that they’re the same being/same force.

Because of this belief, the entities I work with will go with it, and in fact tell me their “other face.” In the end, it doesn’t matter for either of us.

Note: this is my personal reality, and I do not claim that it’s objectively true. Nothing is objectively true about magick.

Except maybe the Law of Reversed Effort.

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And don’t forget Eva’s Law™: “When you do weird shit, weird shit will happen.” :laughing:


Oh, my, how could I have forgotten that. That’s, like, the first and the most important law every person must know, magician or not.

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Huh strange I was trying to connect with beelzebub better the other night, I couldn’t figure out what his sigil and Baels were the same (basicly) lol. In my research I even found that video “when you do weird shit”



Here are 2 of many Beelzebub’s sigils:

Also, here’s his enn: Adey vocar avage Beelzebuth

Works pretty fast imo.


Belial seems to be my version of demon. But he seems different than the other Belial’s or “Baal’s” I’ve heard of. It appears my version of contact of said spirit is much older than the modern perceived energy and information on him. When encountering the negativity of other spirits and other demonic kings (fyi I am not against the powers of hell, but rather just other peoples magick and spirit protections) he always there and just moved them aside like it was nothing. He told me “I will open your eyes so that you may see what others do not see.”

In all my encounters with spirits and other living earth entities he has broken down and analyzed every last one of them, telling me things about them, what they are thinking, what they hope and plan for, and how it will all end up. He has brought me beyond simple magickal/spiritual protection, and rather also the protection through awareness, information, ideas on paths to follow and altered situations. I am actually looking foreward to working more with him, as he has taken his time to led things unfold right in front of my eyes so that I may find the real treasure behind all the illusions that present themselves to me, whether they be Angels/demons/ET’s trying to spout their many “Beliar” attacks of false information (an attempt to throw me off course to keep me from Belial’s true form). He has also shown me himself as being the Many faces of Baal as he gave me occult information regarding that.