Mormonism, specifically Patriarchal blessings

Hi, everyone.

I haven’t posted much, so I hope this topic is okay. I recently have discovered that EA was adopted by an LDS family when he was young. As someone who grew up in a Mormon family, I’m really curious about his ideas on the subject.

I have searched these forums and have read many interesting things, but I may have missed if anyone has spoken of patriarchal blessings. Personally, I never had one given or done for me, but it seems like a form of channeling. Am I way off base here?

My Mother’s blessing, for instance, prophesied the last days and her part in it. I, apparently, was also mentioned in it, but she won’t share the whole blessing, which I can respect of course, because it seems deeply personal. But, I was told the story of my birth growing up a lot and how I almost died (choking on umbilical cord, emergency c-section), and some spooky shenanigans that happened in the background which her blessing apparently touched on before I was born as well.

I’m really curious as to any others experience with patriarchal blessings or opinions thereof.

Thank you.


They are channeling. Grew up LDS. I’d read/snuck enough psychic books to understand what it was.

It’s essentially a linking of the group towards a common goal and whoever leads it taps (or attempts to) into the current.


I have a story with this with my son. There is a lot to why I became Mormon and also why I “left” as well. But my child was supposed to have leukemia and after he had a blessing he was completely healed. This is the very very very short version. But the LDS church actually unblocked all that I blocked out and brought Lucifer literally to my door. So I am kind in between when it comes to Devine and Infernal and Earth deities.


There is tremendous power in them. Freakishly so, as mine fortold many things in my life that happened

PM me if you’d like. Something big is going on in that church


Hi there Norski. I don’t quite have the privilege level required to PM others. If you would PM me, I’d love to hear what else you have to say.

That’s amazing. I feel like I benefited a lot from growing up in the church, and it’s interesting you mention Lucifer, because I’ve been connecting with him lately and I feel strongly that he has always been around while I was in the church. I was pondering whether or not the church had some similar effect on myself. I never felt like being taught that Lucifer was some evil demon didn’t make any sense. I sort of felt an attraction to him in a way growing up.

And I’ve also been in conflict with myself considering my connection with Angels and the like. At first, when I started this path, I felt a little angry with that aspect of the spirit world, but now I’m not so sure if I should rethink that side of things. Though, I do feel a much stronger pull to the LHP. I’ve read a little about others working with both angels and demons, but it seems to oxymoronic to me…