Morman exaltation

I notice you live in Utah. were any of the concepts in Mormonism based on magic.
I wonder if exaltation and accent may have some connection.
I personally am of the feeling that Crowley and J smith were very similar.
they both “translated egyptian” were freemasons and received visions and claimed encounters with supernatural beings… Plus their sex lives.
was joseph smith a black magician who claimed to be a seer?
what is your view on morman temples? do they have any magical effect? Stephan Saul B

o I saw in a video just now u were raised LDS.
This one time I used the morman prayer format. I e prayer addressed to father ofer praise and thanks and then make requests in the name of the son. Except I substituted odin for the father figure and thor for the son.
the prayer was for money. that day I found a hundred dollars on the side of the road. Ever after I have been convinced of magical power hidden within the Mormon system of ordinances and temples ritual.