Morino Ravenberg's e-occult course - my journal

Since there are many topics about E.A.Koetting’s Master Evocation course, I decided to describe another course related to the occult. I enrolled Morino Ravenberg’s e-occult course. This course simply aims to prepare you to be able to work with any kind of spirits (celestial, infernal, pagan, planatery etc.). Course is divided into sections that focuses on specific ability, for example clairvoyance or clairaudience.
I’m going to describe my impressions.


The first two abilities that you are going to learn is clairvoyance and clauraudience.
I finished part with clairvoyance and im in 75 % of clauraudience part.
What can I say? I started to be able to see energy and blue light orbs with my own eyes. Before that I sometimes saw them with closed eyes, but now saw them clearly with my eyes open in normal day.
Also I started to begin some small predictions about near future.
For example In previous weeks I clearly predicted what person is going to call me and what he or she is going to talk with me about.
I describe other parts when I finish other parts since time for mastering every ability is about a month (usually).


Currently I’m finishing the second exercise. I must admit that I started to better hear my internal voice. You can call it as you wish, intuition, higher self, Guardian Angel, you name it.
I give you two examples:
First one: One week ago I was standing in the queue to the pharmacy outside, because they were full inside. I was wearing a hoodie and jacket. When I took a place, no one was behind me. I was thinking about few daily things and immiedietely I heard a voice “The person behind you really needs their meds. Make a way for him”. I looked behind myself and I saw an old man. I asked him: “Sir, do you have something urgent to buy it? - Just a prescription from my doctor.” I said: “Please, you can have my spot. I’ve got time” He thanked me.

Second one. I was doing some preparations to make a dinner and during that process I clearly heard inside me a voice “The one of your relatives that is far away, would love to, if you talk to that person and hears your voice”. I said okay I dialed a number. It turned out that person, just can’t wait to hear me and was really missing me entire day.

I’m currently in the 75 % of the third exercise who basically is to combine the previous ones in the same time. So you practice clairvoyance and clairaudience in the same time.

I started to notice that my magical workings increased their power, or just became quicker than usually.
For example, the witchcraft ritual. Usually it takes some time to see the effects, but I started to get nice results just after 10 days after performing it. Before that, it usually took about a month.
So yeah, it really does the job well.

Interesting. I have seen a few of his videos on YouTube, but I didn’t know he offered a course. Definitely sounds like something worth checking out based on the inner voice alone.

I finished the third exercise set. The most visible change I noticed is that I completely got rid of bad habit of let’s just say “touching myself too much”. My masturbation addiction completely disappeared. The methods I usually used before, worked temporarily, but now it is a constant change.
I can’t wait to see the ending results.

The 2 next steps are optional: One is just getting your astral senses more optimized, second is to learn you basic version of astral travelling.
I also have to point out that the course doesn’t include any additional conjuring system.
Some people say it’s advantage, others it’s disadvantage.
Well I’m wondering which conjuration magickal system should I use it.