More than one sigil

I want to create a relationship with both Lucifer and King Paimon. Is that something I am allowed to do and if so how would I go about that? Like I carry King Paimon’s sigil with me everywhere and I was going to start doing the same with Lucifer. Can I carry them both around and if so will they affect one another?
And when it comes to meditating, do I meditate to them on separate occasions?

Or should I just create a relationship with one of them at a time?

I feel like both of them can teach me different things. I’ve already created my own personal sigil as for each of them. I am hoping they’ll each like theirs haha I’m rambling

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King Paimon and Lucifer have a very strong respect for each other (in the Lesser Key, Lucifer has authority over King Paimon as “Emperor of Hell”) so there would be no issue with carrying both of their seals together.

However, in my opinion, if you are wanting to build a relationship with each spirit, you should spend some time meditating only on one seal at a time, so you give each spirit your undivided attention. For example, a good way to start might be to meditate on Lucifer’s seal in the morning, and King Paimon’s at night.


Ok that sounds convenient thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just finished meditating to Lucifer’s sigil and I’m excited to say that I believe I successfully opened it. His energy feels so beautiful but I’m going to continue to meditate until I feel I am able to handle his form. His presence is definitely intoxicating (in the most beautiful and unique way possible) after the first try it became so easy to open his sigil. I’m very excited to have contact with him. This feels great.

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