More SUCCESS, Public Praise to Salas'ash

More Succes - Public Praise for Salas’ash

I have had succes with him before, please see my other posts.

He is the REAL DEAL


Day 1: I get a 180 euro tax return

Day 3: I get 150 euro cash unexpected without asking from a family member

Day 4: A coworker of mine randomly comes to talk to me and drops info about unused personal employee benefits that we can withdraw.


I had 830 euro without even knowing.
And cashed this out tax free!!!

Day 5: Another family member unexpectedly transfers 100 euro to my account without asking.

Day 8: 300 euro as unexpected Christmas Bonus!!!

In 8 days i received UNEXPECTED 1.560 euro

I highly RECOMMEND YOU to work with HIM. HE IS THE BEST in bringing you money FAST.

This is not my first time with him. Please check out my other posts about him.

Hail Salas’ash my Friend, my Companion, My Ally.

Goodluck to everyone.

Below are the pictures of my Offerings and Celebrating my promotion with Lucifer and Salas’ash.


Help me out too. I have been trying to work with him but is not working.

Welcome @IamLude I see you joined us back in 2021, but have never properly introduced yourself. As it is a rule here, PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


How does that guy discards all that good food after the ritual?

Does he let it rot / spoil, or does he eat it after? lol

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Draw the sigil of Salas’ash on a piece of paper. Look at it, breathe in, breathe out, relax your eyes, and after some time the sigil may seem to flash: a sign that it’s “open”, now imagine your goal as already achieved, infuse that with all the emotion you feel about the situation then state this situation, for example “I have (sum of money)” etc. The final step is forgetting about it all, letting go.


Generally after having offered the food an option is to wait until it starts to expire then throw it. Or, possibly, invoke the god or spirit into oneself and maybe to the extent of possession, then eat the food.

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It is said that with Salas’ash you should not state the amount of money you need.

What ones should do instead, is to charge your intention with what you need the money for…