More spirits for evocation

I Really want to learn more spirits at exists other then the goetia and the few I know. The book of Azazel has a few listed, and I intend to get kingdoms of flame to learn more. EA Koetting says there are spirits whose names should only be mentioned during ritual. I want to know who they are. Does anyone know of any other sources that mentions powerful spirits?

From my experience, some of the most powerful spirits I’ve worked with come from your own ritual. So plucking a spirit out of the void for example, or tapping into a wandering spirit is a good way to start. Another way to find interesting spirits to work with is to ask well known spirits to give you the sigil of a new spirit. Azazel will evidently know powerful spirits to work with, some of the most powerful angels I have worked with have been sent to me by Michael or Raphael.

I’m still learning to discern my own thoughts from that of a spirit. It’s difficult for me to ask them questions, so I use tarot and water scrying to get answers. Learning of a new spirit or sigil will be a challenge.

When in trance always assume that your thoughts are the whispers of spirits in your magickal imagination’s ears. Slowly make this into a belief and soon the thoughts will materialize as voices, easy to distinguish from your inner self.

I promote the Pantheonic system. Ancient Greek gods and deities, with many hidden from common awareness spirits. Ask Hermes and he’ll deliver.

That’s the best piece of advice I would give to someone trying to develop their spirit hearing, or trying to communicate with spirits. Trust what you hear is actually the spirit and write it down, because when you go back and look at it the next you’ll find you may have wrote something down that you physically didn’t know. Also, don’t get disheartened if your not hearing physical voices right away, it does build up. It’ll start out as whispers that you can’t quite make out, then it’ll work up from there. But the most important factor is to trust what you hear.

I’ve said this before on here, get one good solid pact with a spirit you trust who delivers real results (not excuses, bullshit, “I didn’t do as you asked because it was a lesson”) and they’ll sort that out.

Having a phone-book large list of names won’t be as useful as one good spirit, and getting a spirit to ally with you is the core initiatory act in most ancient mystical teachings.

Yea, I figured that doing evocations. If I conjure too many spirits then eventually then run into each other causing having. I keep evocations and pact to a minimal so they don’t interfere with each other. I only did this once. I asked Bune and Lucifuge to bring me wealth. Hopefully it goes smoothly.

^ I don’t agree with that observation. You can work with as many spirits as you like. There are no rules in the way you manipulate your reality, as long as the end result is one and the same, all energy will flow in unison and find it’s way to make it happen.
Set the intention for the spirits to work in a complimentary way, if this will make you feel confident that no conflict will arise.

Yeah, you need to either do that, or, as I said, check in with your mentor/existing spirits ahead of time.

Just piling them on willy-nilly seems to have caused some people problems.