More Sallos gratitude

I learned about Sallos on this forum last year and I’m really grateful to all of you for sharing your experiences.

I’m posting here today to thank Duke Sallos for his help in my relationship with my … friend? Paramour? Not sure what to call him – for a number of reasons we’re probably never going to sleep with each other, but there’s a lot of love between us. In calling on Sallos I have tried to keep my motives pure: I want to increase the amount of love in the world, and so I want to have a caring relationship with this man that puts more love out there.
My friend and I sort of fell out of touch as the pandemic started ramping up. He stopped responding to my texts and I wasn’t sure why. I care about him and I miss him and I worry about him and experience a lot of pain from his absence. I know that Duke Sallos played a big part in the blossoming of our relationship, for which I am very grateful, and I have called on him again to help my friend reconnect with me, if possible. I offered him bourbon, which I poured onto the ground, and I did certain other things of an adult nature that I thought Sallos might appreciate.
I hope Sallos will hear my request and give my friend the strength and courage he needs to reach out to me and let our love for each other blossom again in these hard times. I’ve seen Him work to foster love before and I am absolutely certain of His power to create love. Whatever He chooses to do with my request, I am grateful for all the ways in which he has helped me in the past.


How long did it take for results I petitioned him too

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Just got a call from my friend, after a couple weeks of not hearing from him. We got caught up and things are good now. I’m thanking Sallos for turning his heart back toward me.


I’ve worked with sallos and had good results. He works differently. He creates love feelings in the target instead of mind control. Love him!

Serena Alora Sallos Aken.
Hail sallos!!


Posting even more Sallos respect here. He warned me off being too demanding, a while ago, when the time wasn’t right. Hard to explain how we communicated, but I asked him to push someone’s heart toward me and I got a very definite, “you don’t really want me to do that right now, it’s not the right time” kind of vibe from him. Early this morning I asked him again (respectfully) for the same thing, we had a pleasant and enthusiastic interaction, he even gave me a sign (the inexplicable smell of burnt onions, but in a yummy way, if that makes sense), and then later in the day I got an affectionate text from my loved one, after two whole weeks of silence. It was amazing.


Have you had vivid dreams since working with Duke Sallos?

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No more than usual. I have heard that a lot of people are having vivid dreams lately to process the stress, though.

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