More Paths with Spirits?

I’ve worked with Angels and Demons and know of the Norse Gods, Greek Gods, Egyptian Gods , Voodoo Loa and the Necronomican Spirits. Are there anymore worth while to work with?



There’s the Slavic Gods, who are my ancestral gods and the only spirits that I work with.

But, there’s also the Hindu Gods, the Mesopotamian Gods, the Phoenician Gods, the Aztec Gods, the Incan Gods, all the gods of the Native American tribes, all the gods of the Native African tribes, all the gods of the Native Australian gods, the Polynesian Gods, the Hawaiian Gods, the Celtic Gods, the Persian Gods, and so many more.

But I would recommend that you stick to one path based on your ancestors. When I first evoked Azazel, I had a unique reaction. He informed me that my Slavic ancestors were crying out from within my blood, and to, “leave us Jewish myths to the Jews.” The next day I began to learn about Slavic Paganism and Bog Veles appeared to me that very night. And told me that he was excited that I had found my way back to the faith of my ancestors, and that he wanted to bring together all the Volkhvi together who had wandered off to other clans.

So, I encourage you to do some research about what beliefs your ancestors had and then work solely with that same faith that your ancestors had. Because my Slavic gods have done the impossible and everytime Bog Veles answers a request almost immediately and everytime he breaks the laws of reality to send me a message, I am forever in awe and joy at the power of my gods.

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That is phenomenal! Thank you very much. I have only known of my families being strictly Christian but I need to go look deeper into who they were alined with.

I work with Angels and Demons but I need what you got, a connection even deeper. Thanks for such a great response!

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