More on Scrying

Well, I wanted to ask this, when scrying with the black mirror, at first I would get absolutely nothing and almost fall asleep, then I would get (and not always) tiny points of light (white/yellowish), and yesterday I got a few random impressions on my minds eye, but they were not images ON the mirror. I got images of: a solitary tree, then a little house with a rainbow behind it (fluffy, I know lol) and then a mask which was half black and half white. They passed from one to other very quickly, but since this was on my mind while gazing at the mirror, but it wasnt like “watching a film on tv”, as I Read somwhere, I wonder now, this mental impressions is this how slowly the process starts generally, or is it just my imagination??
Thank you.

you’re on the right track. read more on dream interpretation in order to use scrying for divination. It kinda works on the same level.

Yeah, I didnt ask anything, they came from nowhere, passed very quickly and that was it. I guess that at starters it gets a little cryptic, but as I said I had no control over it, so for some time I wont ask questions, plus I want the images to be more “defined”.

Yeah, I know, at first attempts my head would fall, chin towards my chest, and my eyes would close, but for what it seems is only a stage, although I know is can get very frustrating wanting to see something and then…getting nothing.
Plus I have this tendency of being impatient and wanting everything right now, but just have to continue even when feeling discouraged.

Walking that edge between the states is so odd. Everyone one does it every day but staying their consciously seems to require a lot of practice.