More info on Balam?

hello, ive recently become interested in the demon Balam but i cant seem to find much reliable information on him. does anyone here have any extra facts on him so i can better understand who he is? i plan on evoking him in the future, and i want to be as prepared as possible. (ex: candle color, offerings, things that i should do and things that i shouldnt, etc) thanks!

According to his powers and the description of how he appears (or may appear), he seems overall Saturnian. The color of the candles (also on the basis that, appearing in the Goetia, he supposedly is a Demon) would be black; other “physical” features give him an hint of Mars and Sun/Jupiter too. As offering, perhaps the related incenses: frankincense, saffron, or an Opium stick.

Have you seen the last exorcism? Watch it!

ah okay thank you!

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yes lol i have, i love that movie. the demon in that one is supposed to be paimon though, not balam. i thought it was just a normal satanic possession situation but apparently not.