More improvement

Just a few minutes ago I did the chakra meditation from QaV then turned to the sigil of Sastan.
I used the incantation from the last newsletter and once I felt Sastan’s pressence I asked him to help me with my structiring.
I then began to see massive amounts of energy I’m the mirror and my entire temple.
I saw flashes of an outlined body in the mirror and then a quick glimpse of a face.
I then saw shadows in the corners of the walls and began to vamp their energy being I didn’t know what they were.
They looked like the same shadows I saw when working with the bones so I consumed them.
I asked Sastan if I could receive some of his energy.and he said yes.
I took my.wand and placed it on his sigil and pulled it into me directing it to my Ajna chakra.
I then focused on the mirror and vamped energy from Sastan’s essence.
It felt like there was a whirlwind surrounding my 3rd eye.
I then dismissed Sastan and broke my trance by slamming my fist on the ground.
All the energy/entities pressence vanished in the blink of an eye.

I think I’m getting close to full manifestation.
I think the chakra work is key to my success.

Any thoughts or comments would be most welcome.

Nice work! At least your entity enjoys SHOWING you stuff. Nidhogg just puts me visualization through visualization.

Anyway, a tip: Never blatantly feed off entities. Instead of feeding, launch out a tentacle and instead of the intent being to vampirize them, have your intent be an inquiry as to what they are.

I recently learned that the first few times I vamped spirits, it was actually Nidhogg. So always make sure you know what you’re eating. Recently I encountered two defended foes: One with a simple field that I chewed around, and another with a spirit guarding her. The spirit I incapacitated, and then proceeded to feed off the girl, but do be warned of randomly feeding on spirits.

YOU’RE LEARNING! Magic only gets simpler- yes, SIMPLER- from here, my friend. EMBRACE it!

Have an awesome time learning, and eternally,

Why are you using a thoughtform for your astral senses? Why not use a real, ancient spirit? Like Paralda or Dantelion? Or even the Lord of Air aspect of Lucifer. They will help you much better and faster than a thoughtform.

At a time I was working with Paralda and Sastan and was getting potent effects
I’m using the Sigil of Sastan TWF made me because with each use it seems to becoming more and more imbued with my intent.
I have some small easle(?) painting boards that I used to make a sigil for Belial.
Maybe I’ll make one of Paralda and start working with them both again.

And how would I call upon the air aspect of LuciferIs there a different sigil for that aspect or would I just use my intent while openinv the popular one?
I noticed the GV has a couple different sigils for him.
Which do you recommend?

For Lucifer, the one with the V. The popular one. That’s the Lord of Air aspect.