Morals and Justification

Ok before everyone thinks I am jumping on the moralistic bandwagon, it’s actually totally the opposite. When I first came here I started asking how to do baneful stuff to someone and through messages a lot of people told me that I needed to seek help to deal with this person in a mundane way etc etc etc. My point at that time as it is now is - you don’t know what my reasons are, what I have gone through, what I will continue to go through and what I know I will go through in the future. You have no idea and no I am not going to spend ages going through all the reasons. I came to the point where I feel my way forward to a better future is through this. I can provide justification for my own benefit. Case in point: one person I am targeting works and owns a business in the same area (finance) I am trying to get work in. It’s not that big a place so a lot of people know each other or through someone else. I was seeing this guys partner when they were separated but he thinks I am the reason for the separation. 5 years and he still has it in for me. Through a friend I know I lost out on a job simply because he rang someone he knows at that firm and bad mouthed me. I ended up giving up trying to find work in that field and going back to what I had done before. Only now I am injured I have a limited amount of time I can continue doing this work so I went back to university to get better qualified and make it easier to get a job in finance. There is nothing anyone can do about this guy because there is no proof. I need him gone before I finish uni so it doesn’t screw up my chances. I lost a job I had because he called my boss. I have had it with trying any other way. This guy is getting cursed, what you saw is just part of my justification and reasoning. There is way more. It took 5 years to push me to this point, I don’t need someone trying to change my mind or tell me to talk to someone. Move from where I live. Why should I? I like it here.

My point is, no one knows someone else’s reasons or what they use as justification. At the end of the day only you have to live with yourself. It’s ok to ask someone are they REALLY sure they want to go through with it. But take what they say as their decision, don’t try to change their mind and if you don’t want to help, stay out of it. Yes I sometimes tell people mundane ways of doing things like weightloss but it’s only because long term they need to know for their own sake how to manage their weight because if they just keep asking for the help of the same entities then they will get pissed off sooner or later. I know others will give information on whatever entity.


You do what you gotta do and the hell with explaining it to others. There is no need. You don’t need anyone’s approval or permission. Unless they are sleeping in your bed or paying your bills you owe no one anything.


@Shadowmage I definitely understand where you are coming from with your perspective. I am not sure of the situation, but have you attempted or considered binding the person, or maybe even a working that would cause them to move? I wouldn’t steer you away from whatever you deem necessary, I was just curious after reading this post.


Considering that I am still in love with the woman and he told her lies about me, if he is still around (and he would be for other reasons) it would interfere with my relationship with her. So much easier if he is gone totally as binding would and making him move are both useless

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@Shadowmage sorry to hear that you have to deal with all of this. These types of situations are the worst. It’s like if it isn’t one thing its another… When does it end? That is a question I ask myself all of the time… Do what you have to do for your own sanity :wink: One thing I would like to mention is that we all deserve to have a life that makes us feel fulfilled… At the end of the day, only we have to live with ourselves and how our actions make us feel…


@Shadowmage after all avenues to rectify your situation have been exhausted and you are left to do what have to do, then do it. It’s your life your world. At the end of the day what anybody thinks positive or negative makes no difference. Be who you were meant to be.


This is my point exactly. I get random text messages and emails from him but because he hides behind random addresses that cannot b3 linked to him and the texts come from public phones the police are powerless to even talk to him because there is no evidence. I called her asking to talk and sent her a letter with a copy of a “cease and desist” letter which I signed and I got warned off by the police because she doesn’t want to talk and I wasn’t a gutless coward. So where do I go? That’s my point. A lot of people are in situations they have no control over because someone else is making life hard for fun. So who is anyone else to judge or say they should try another way?