Moon transits and the qlippothic zodiac

I am currently experimenting with entering Gamaliel through Daath and contacting different zodiac guardians as the waning moon transits through different signs every few days toward the eclipse. Normally I would work on the same guardian for a longer period of a week or so, but I am familiar enough to tap into their energies in these shorter transit times for the most part.

If anyone has any experience with anything related to this or a certain ritual order - opening a sphere before gates or vice versa, evocation before projection, etc., please leave any thoughts or suggestions here. Thanks.


I have no knowledge on this but am very much interested in this as well. Iv been drawn to this for the past two days. :thinking: I love astronomy and astrology, and learning a whole new thing about it is very exciting! I know there is a book that is on the store about this but unfortunately I don’t have the money for it right now. :disappointed:

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Awesome topic!! Hopefully more guys share their knowledge about it

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