Moon, planets aspects and spellwork

Traditionally astrology played a huge role in spells and rituals, but nowadays some people claim to be not so difficult to overcome bad aspects or to do rituals without following moon phases.
What’s your opinion?

If i’d like to perform a ritual for success or luck, but there’s a bad Sun or Jupiter, or moon is waning what to do?
Or if I’d like to perform a love/lust candle/hoodoo spell, but Venus is bad or moon is waning, the ritual should be disrupted?

Even more in depth: if Venus is exalted but moon is waning?
If in my natal chart Mars and Saturn are severely afflicted, should i be extremely careful or even totally avoid as a beginner, to work with them for obtaining courage, power, passion or perform baneful/attack/dark rituals?


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Take a look at my post here:

As I say in there, it’s a lot more complicated than only looking at one aspect, and this requires a great deal of knowledge to navigate.

I’ll tell you this: In my journal, I’ve noticed that all the rituals that appeared to fail were done under inauspicious times. I’m certain you’ll find the same to be true of nearly everyone else’s magick. Because, this is true of every action that can be done. The stars and the condition of the heavens either hinder or aid (and largely completely make or break) any activity.