Moon cycles, full potential, Naamah and Aeshma (Asmoday)

So I’m currently working with Naamah and Aeshma Daeva (Asmoday), in a month, I divide 2 weeks for releasing each entity’s evocation/ invocation.

So, the thing is I’m a person who is very much influenced by the moon, as I asume you all are too (given that you’re here), and I would appreciate very much any recommendations for when to give my payoffs (blood) to each entity so it can be absorbed at its full potential.

***I’m currently giving my payoffs to Aeshma Daeva on the nights of full moon, as I have read this Daeva is associated with the wolf, and even lycanthropy!

And, I’m giving my payoffs to Naamah, on crescent moons :crescent_moon:

My doubts on this are:

  • Should I give my payoffs to Aeshma at the day, cause he is a fire demon?
  • And, should i give my payoffs to naamah on a new moon? As that correlates with the “black earth”. I chosed the crescent moon :crescent_moon: because it was on her sigil :stuck_out_tongue:

Any how, thanks for your attention and I hope somebody can ilústrate me! Sorry for bad English! :smiley:



It is your choice really. The times of day and lunar cycle are more for the benefit of the magician, not the spirit. Listen to what your gut is saying and just go with it.