Monthly empowerment working (February)

Hello all, I just read @Kish 's post about the New Year candle working and then saw @Mulberry 's reply about how we could do that every month and I decided to be proactive and go ahead and set it up!! What we will be doing is on January 28th to February 2nd will be our time period to light candles and do any rituals or spells you feel necessary to create a prosperous and positive month for all. @Mulberry @DarkestKnight I would humbly ask for advices on how to create a protection so that no sabotage occcurs.

The goal of this is that it will become a monthly occurrence so that we can be proactive in creating the life and reality that we desire. I would ask that those involved have a basic understanding of whatever method they are using so as to limit the possibility for misfires and as such I would request that the 90 day day reading rule will be applied here seeing as this will be a large groupworking hopefully. Other than that all experience levels are 100% welcome! It does not matter if you only know candle magic or if you are invoking the 9 gatekeepers of the astral to assist you with this task, as long as you have the goal of creating a more positive world every month than you are more than welcome!

Again this will only start on the 28th so I will be opening it then officially but until then any ideas and suggestions are 100% welcome! Here is to a better reality for all!!


Is this a monthly intention setting for all kind of thing?

If so, ig we could work with a theme of the month. Like some months have a theme for the bigger part of it’s duration, so we could set intentions to align ourselves with it.


Yes but it’s also entirely practical and physical. We are both setting the intention but also doing whatever specific work we feel necessary .


I like it though


Sounds awesome