Money, wealth and success

@shinri, with that said, I will jot down what youve suggested, and see what if any I can get started with.


Here is some ways to attract money, and get money with Magic.

  1. Cinnamon Money Tea
    Steep till water is hot, add as much cinnamon as you desire. Stir you fingers counter clock wise first around the top of the tea cup, for all the bad in finances, then rotate to forward close wise position to bring finances to a firm footing, saying I attract money, wealth, and good financial bliss to me. Then imagine it happening in the now like you already have it. Then drink your tea.

  2. A basic and classic spell
    Blank Check Spell
    write the amount of money you wish to have on the check and write it out to yourself, and keep it in a safe place, you may also do a chant with it, example one you can use is
    Money come to me, Money come to me as I will, Money I need come to me, Harm to none, so mote it be
    or add at the end a few things ( so mote it be, so it be, it shall be, shall it is done, it is done )

  3. Bay Leaf Spell
    On one side of the bay leaf in red ink, write you full name and birth date
    on the other side write your wish or just the amount of money you need.
    Best to sit and have vision of the money already being in your hands before you go outside the burn the bay leaf and letting the wind carry away the ashes.

  4. A Charm For Starting A New Business
    Increase your abundance, manifest money, raise your vibrational frequency and more with this easy work spell.


  • 1 green or gold sachet bag
  • green or gold thread
  • 1 sewing needle
  • 1 candle (White or green)
  • bay leaves (To draw in money and grant wishes)
  • 1 citrine crystal (To draw in money and business success)
  • cherry blossoms or petals (For prosperity, abundance, and creativity)
  • basil (For wealth)
  • orange peel (For wealth creation)
  • 3 coins (To symbolize and represent wealth)
  • 1 small piece of paper
  • 1 pen

To make the charm
Calm your mind with a few moments of meditation.
Light your candle.
Combine herbs, orange peels, crystal, and coins into your sachet bag.
Write your desire on the paper with your pen. Try to be specific, like “I wish for creative and financial success from my new business”. If you have a business logo, draw it on the paper.
Add any symbols of wealth, creativity, and success, then fold the paper and add it to the sachet bag. Close the bag.
Take your sewing needle and hold it over the flame for a few seconds, repeating your wish out loud or in your mind. Add the thread to the needle, then sew your charm bag shut.
For added magic, embroider symbols of wealth, success, and creativity onto the bag.
Snuff the candle. Do not blow it out.
Keep the bag on your person or leave it in your work space, like in a drawer on your desk or at the window by your desk.
During important times for your business, burn the candle for a few moments and then snuff it out again. When that candle has burned out, you can always charge a new one with your wish.

  1. This a is personal favorite Ive done for years I use it as personal magic myself as the spell
    Anoint yourself with the peppermint, jasmin essential oil, olive oil, or any essential oil related to money you like, then warm yourself up hands over a candle flame, heater how ever you can, as your the candle burning and say 3x
    Money to come

Money to stay

I’ll keep my money

It won’t go away

and vision the money coming to you. and wear the oils all night and wash off in the morning or keep on till it wears off itself.

  1. Lucky Coin Money Spell
    A candle, a coin, and an intention are all you need to constantly draw money into your wallet forever.


  • 1 coin
  • 1 candle (green, smaller is better. A birthday candle is perfect.)


To begin this spell, gather your coin and green candle and set up at a table.

Put both in a wide, fire-safe container that you can also fit a hand into.

Light the candle and allow some of the wax to fall onto the coin. Cover the whole coin in wax.

Once the coin is fully covered, pour some more wax onto the coin and then set the candle on top of the coin.

The melted wax should dry and keep the candle in place on top of the coin.

Energize the candle and coin by stating your intention out loud to it.

Build up your energy, feel your body tense up, and unleash all of that energy into your coin and candle.

Let the candle burn on top of the coin until it completely burns out.

Ideally, there won’t be much wax left. If there is, carve the coin out of the wax but make sure the coin is still covered in a layer of wax.

  1. Instant Money attraction spell

You will need:

1 unused pin.
15 coins of any value.
1 dollar bill.
1 green candle.
Wooden matches.
1 mason jar.

The ritual begins in the night of a waxing moon. Prepare by focusing your mind and relaxing. Think of the number you stated before. You must visualize the amount of money that you need. Don’t be greedy, just what you need. And always stay positive.

  1. Place the coins and the rolled bill inside the mason jar.

  2. Use the pin to carve the candle. Write the following words: Money, Blessings. Carve your number too.

  3. Place the jar in the center of your altar or table. Light the candle with a wooden match.

  4. While you let the candle burn, say in a loud voice and with confidence:

“I thank the universe for the money that I receive.”

Meditate for 5 minutes. Snuff out the candle. If you haven’t received the money by tomorrow, light the candle again for 5 minutes.

Keep doing this and always say thank you. You will receive the money soon. Once it’s done, burn the candle all the way and toss the remains.