Money, wealth and success

What is the best route to this sequence?
Note the timeline must be quick, I’m not even talking a ten year IRA or mortgage, but five years or less.


Any and all of those methods will work to various degrees.

1 and 2, for example, are the main components in “Law of Attraction” manifesting, and people have used them successfully to win the lottery, get promoted in their careers, find love, sell their homes, buy a home, get a job, etc.

3 is basically hypnosis for the lay person, and many people have used it to make themselves more charismatic, to get promoted, and become more successful in their careers.

4 is the basis of the legend of the soul pact, so someone somewhere must have summoned the right Name to miraculously become successful.


I imagine you’ve heard of the magick books I would recommend, so instead I will focus on the mundane aspect of this.

There are two main ways people create wealth in disproportionate numbers to the average population. One is selling equity aka ownership in their business for capital that is used to invest in the business. The other is taking on debt in order to receive capital to invest. You could also just have a business that grows without financing, but if you look at the financial statements for pretty much any public company, you will see a mixture of long- and short-term debts along with various liquid and illiquid assets.

If you want to make large amounts of money, you either need to find your way into a job with high wages while cost of living is relatively low, or you need to start a business. Here I am considering artists who sell artwork, merch, tickets to performances, and anything else that is relevant to their artform as having a business.

If you want to start a business, you need some money. If you don’t have capital to play with, you can maybe still put something together if you create a product from scratch yourself, like software or crafts of some kind, or if you assess demand, bring demand to a manufacturer/producer, and then pay them back as you sell the product. You can also go into business with a partner or partners, or seek out an investor. If you offer a service, that also may not take much initial investment, depending on the service.

Let’s say you do have some money to invest, but are unsatisfied by the returns your IRA/401k/advisor/whatever has been earning. This is not financial advice, don’t sue me. Probably the easiest way to make large amounts of money I’ve ever seen is in real estate. It’s easy math and easy concepts.

I suggest this book. This real estate strategy is vastly superior to the more commonly known, traditional way of doing it. Basically, instead of getting a mortgage, buying a property, then renting it out, you pay cash up front to buy and rehab, then rent it out, then use that rented-out property as collateral for a loan to buy/rehab another property, with the cash from the loan. Do this correctly and this goes on forever without any more money down. So what happens is after you buy-in you get like 2-4 properties every year depending on how long rehabs and refinancing takes and any potential vacancy times.

I’ve seen high school dropouts use this strategy to scale up to hundreds of properties in their portfolio. Like I said, easy math and easy concepts. You know what people do in the stock market? They use math that physicists use to model statistical particle movements to predict the movements of various financial assets I severely doubt you’ve ever heard of while levered up with millions if not billions of dollars in credit (debt). You wanna do that or buy a house and make it “open concept” or whatever is the cheapest rehab option to maximize value-add?

Just think about that for a second. You can get multiple properties every year with no money out of your pocket once you buy-in and get it going. Every month you pay off the debts a bit more and so own a bit more of the properties until eventually it’s all paid off like 30 years from now, all the while receiving passive rental income. If you want to or are concerned about liquidity or being over-leveraged (having too much debt), then you can sell some properties (which you rehabbed and so jacked up the price), not a big deal.

Five years or less is possible if you have enough capital to work with. Remember that every buy-in gets you like 2-4 properties, every year, forever, so long as you keep doing it and doing it properly. I don’t know what your financial goals are (this is not financial advice, don’t sue me), so I suggest firing up Excel or Google Sheets and making some projections. You want to estimate your costs (assume the highest possibility) and your potential revenues (assume the lowest possibility) and see what your numbers look like as you grow.

I’ve spent years of my life learning about business and finance (after receiving a science and arts education). I assure you that I do not regret having done this. Would I rather be making art? Sometimes, but the carrot I have been chasing is quite attractive indeed.

I suppose it’s a matter of priorities. Is money actually important to you? Then I suggest you act like it. If you become wealthy, then you can do all the magick you want, all day, every day, with no financial consequences. Is that a freedom which is worth dedicating your time towards?

Think of it like this. Some years ago, I studied and practiced music quite seriously for around 2 years. Around 1.5 of those years was spent wallowing in mediocrity. Hot damn did I suck. At some point there was a shift and my entire music life changed. Right now, at this exact time, I don’t seriously practice music, but I have an in-built musicality which I cultivated and which allows me to be musical. Because of the time I spent dedicating myself to serious practice (not just strumming out some tabs, but doing the exceptionally difficult technical exercises that change you into a more developed musical being), I now get to have a musical life characterized by a level of skill and understanding that I would never have imagined was possible for myself to attain.

This very same thing can apply to you with regards to finance, just as it has been for me.

Alright I’ll shill the book - 7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer.


Interesting. Ive never really had an interest in being other than an employee, at least in a job that doesn’t suck with decent pay.
OTOH, with what I have to work with, it might take time and a license to do the real estate thing, not much of a management person, though at my age thats probably what I should be.

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The question is more along the lines in what field to work in, and finding something in that field with minimal bullcrap. Of the options, 1 and 2 for the most part is something I can do.

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Most sane financial info I’ve read on here. Thanks!

ETA: All the money rituals I’ve worked in the past year have led me to this and/or has led me to info that has allowed me to understand this.

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@Nightside You don’t need a license to invest in real estate. I did take a bit of a real estate agent license course though for the legal and valuation material. If you do this properly you do build a business out of it, but it’s pretty low upkeep if you design it that way. Unless you already have a reasonable pile of cash, this is more like the side-hustle that can grow to support you. The sooner it gets BRRRRing along, the better.

@questm Yep me too my dude. This is the culmination of years of money magick for me. It’s one of my most favorite things I’ve ever learned.


As cool as real estate investing sounds, I’m not exactly handy with fixing stuff like my closet door (I actually broke it worse.) plus, lots of people end up buying properties that end up being money pits or losing value.

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My issues with the ideas are poor credit and no capital and no way to assure to pay back the capital. Im looking for smaller money at the moment, like say a winning 3 or 4 daily lottery.

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Even though, this is late to reply to this message, but I haven’t had anything to say till now. So for future this mite be useful to you. Crystals by having many money power ones, charging them, then taking them with you before purchasing, or filling out your lotto numbers on tickets helps a lot even at the casinos.

Two having the access learned how to contact multiple spirits having done your research is another good plan, also having spirits sigil of nearly as many as you can think of already drawn and placed away for safe keeping, to use on spur of the moments notice. This is one I am starting to do now myself. When finished with that I will share more on it.

  1. My favorite is Red, Green, White, Gold, or Silver candle, with money herbs and esst. oils, to get my money, or investments or goods I need. Also the use of bay leafs have really come through for me too.

  2. Also seems to work for me. Is I take a lot of mantras and chants and put them together, and just read them a few times each as many as up to 20 and higher and it really brings energy into what I want and doing. Even many times its brought me closer to what I wanted or received it from it.

  3. Also the 333 method and 555 method, and 777, 888, 999, methods have done and had results each time from any of those, not all fell perfect, as I wanted but they came through enough I wasn’t disappointed.

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Also another way to build on credit to be able to get capital investment loans, is to use your money, to build the credit you need, starting with 2500 dollars, you go to the bank and put your own money up, and borrow against it, for the 2500 loan, pay one or two months payments on it then pay the money back in full. Then you go at it again for another loan for the same amount cause you’ll have the money still from borrowing from yourself, within a 6 month period you’ll have enough credit, to get a decent credit card limit over 2000 dollars and u keep that below 30% usage to build your score higher then ever fast. Then after 2 loans or more within a 8 month period paid back, and a decent credit card limit, you’ll put yourself into odd of 90 to 95% level of being approved for loans high as 100k to start using as investments to make more money while you use some of the loan to make payments while your waiting for investment back on the other half of the money your using for investments. clean and simple way many i known from experience have taught me to do to get anywhere its not super fast but its a clean safe way to build your status to make sure your gonna get there forsure.


You’re a guitar player I presume? Which method did you focus on to get more of that quality? I’ve been playing for ~17 years and it indeed comes in waves. I’m addicted to it though and I’m always looking for breakthrough advice even if it’s in areas geared towards beginners because I might have missed something fundamental

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I mean I know if you put one finger towards the top you can play a minor seven chord, but that’s about the extent of my guitar skills. Now I mostly just sing.

What helped me the most were actually singing exercises, I believe, not just with singing but with musicality in general. I can strum out that one minor seven chord pretty reasonably. I can’t really play piano but I can noodle around in the one key I noodle around in (just hold down the pedal, gets em every time). Singing solfege (like Do Re Mi) scales and chords and stuff is really good for you.

I think what really helped with improvisation was playing along with records. You don’t have to force yourself to do transcriptions which are way beyond your level (I tried that, it sucked), but just playing along helped open up my musicality. I think it’s also important to say that the music you listen to will influence what you produce. All genres have stuff other genres don’t, generally speaking. Stuff like jazz tends to have more harmony things going on, other genres are more about the sounds themselves, like hand-crafting an electronic orchestra. You can also tell when someone has well-developed musical craft in any of these regards. It doesn’t matter what genre you technically fit into, you bring your entire musical being into whatever you do. Personally, that’s some of the most interesting stuff to me, fushioning genres together. I think it’s a good time, at least. It tends to be rather artistically challenging.


@Jastiv Yeah that’s why you hire a contractor. You don’t do the labor yourself. The point of doing the rehab is to increase the value, so the rehab should pay for itself and then add extra value if you do the investing well. People get the good idea to buy an investment, but then don’t educate themselves and make easily avoided poor decisions. If you don’t run your numbers, that’s your own fault. If you don’t operate in a way that improves your business, again that is your problem.

People get so sucked into this pit of only looking at the downside potential they see because they’re ignorant or their model is someone who is very ignorant and fucked up something that’s really not too complicated. Can you play Monopoly? Like the board game? Ever read the instructions? People don’t read the instructions. You want a bunch of hotels or what? (this is not financial advice, don’t sue me)

@Nightside The lottery is a bad financial decision. Statistically speaking you are buying into a game hugely stacked against you. Why would you do that? There are games far less shitty (for you).

If you need to find the money to play the game, I believe that magick will reveal the path to you if you remain open and make it a focal point of your magick. It is very clear that I have been walking on a path which I paved before me with magick. I have accepted all that has come with this path. I do not have regrets in my life, and regardless, I know what I have asked for. I know where my priorities are, and I am pleased that magick has deterred me from undesirable things. Even when it dangles things right in my face and tells me that I should enjoy it. Fair enough, magick, fair enough. If it didn’t give me what matters I wouldn’t put up with its shit.


@shinri, I appreciate the financial advice, but to take it is a long way off for me. My credit stinks, Im way below zero, and I am poor with personal finance and reading directions.
Im trying to change it, yet the income Im making is the central problem. If I was still in Information Technology, I could do very well, but sadly that area of life has been a bolted door for me to try to get in again. For starters, I would need to get certified and finish my Bachelors.
However, Im shifting my priorities education-wise to K5 Education for a Bachelors, and a Masters in Anthropology when I can get there. Hopefully not more than to years post Bachelors.

Have thought evoking a Demon and asking them to send you a financial advisor or irl friend who might give you tips that will help you get out of this hole?

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They already are.

Oh well then just give it time. I agree with Shinri though the lotto is not the best path to long term wealth. I had someone petition a Djinn to help me win the lotto (small time scratch off’s) and get a few thousand dollars. I did get it but it came with me buying a number of scratchers a winning 500 on one then the next week 200 on another, and another 200 after that etc… Which is not what I had in mind lol but it did work and the Djinn did help. I ended spending almost as much as I won on said lotto tickets after it was done lol. My point though is I could have just worked a regular job and I would have made the same amount faster with less downside. I could also could have made investments and achieved the same results I was after with the lotto tickets as I’m learning now.

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This is not financial advice (don’t sue me), you are responsible for your financial decisions.

I suppose the question you may want to ask yourself is what financial potential the path you are walking has. This shouldn’t be a difficult question to answer. I’m an artist primarily, but unless you really put in the time to build your “brand” and audience somehow it’s unlikely to amount to much money, unless you become one of the more popular artists, which is not exactly an easy feat. I know this, which is why I got into business to support my art lifestyle.

Let me ask you this - what doors does that master’s degree open? Not even the knowledge, just the piece of paper you are paying a hefty chunk of change for (probably). It’d potentially get you into a Ph.D. program, so if that’s what you want and are capable of doing then there yah go I guess. Otherwise you’ll probably end up as a barista with a master’s degree. Baristas don’t even usually get great tips.

We all make our choices in life. Thankfully, I have yet to encounter a problem that wasn’t actually just an emotional problem in disguise. You may not see the way now, and that is because of emotional fog obscuring your ability to see the possibilities and allow them to be brought to you.

Billionaires have gone bankrupt and refugees of war have become immensely wealthy. Your financial reality isn’t as rigid and capped as many love, love, just LOVE to tell themselves and other people who bring their beliefs into question. You gotta pull yourself out of the despair and face the cold reality that anyone on this earth can achieve financial growth.

Or project all your issues onto me and stay broke. You wouldn’t be the first. I’ve even coined a new term for this - pulling a [insert name here]. I assure you, it is in your best interest to not pull a [insert name here]. What do you think happens when you have wealthy friends, or at least reasonably good associates? You ever notice how people with a lot of hair tend to get it everywhere on everything and everyone who’s around them? It’s like that with money, too. Just don’t pull a [insert name here]. That’s what we in the business call a poverty move. You gonna make poverty moves or abundance moves?


@shinri … A degree is not a master key to wealth. Not for me anyway. For me it’s a way to make a living above poverty, and personal enjoyment.
Not going to project my issues on you.

I am not the finance type. I agree with most of what you wrote, but usually I go to a finance expert for help with taxes etc.