Money Spells

No, I don’t think anything was flagged, I think it was just the basic clean up that is done semi regularly. Insults and name calling have been against forum rules since they came into effect around 2015 so as far as I can tell, it was only those posts that were removed.

If it really bothers you, you can always ask Eva directly via PM as to why the posts were removed. She will tell you.

PS: anyone else notice that in the OP’s profile the first thing he has posted is “I am a real sorcerer I am a real sorcerer?” Almost like Pinocchio, “I am a real boy, I am, I am!”


But he is now, isn’t he? :rofl::joy:


Nah, this is the final straw. On my part I think actions will speak louder than words. Peace all.

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I saw this too. I didn’t say anything about it but really? I mean if you say that in your profile (twice) then that immediately puts me off and raises warnings for me. Because no real sorcerer would ever say that nor would they have the need to… If anything they would just say, “I consider myself to be a sorcerer… Or maybe… I am a sorcerer.” They would just say it as a matter of fact and not as a bragging point or a shove-it-in-your-face point.

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People with PhD’s don’t go around saying that they’re a doctor. People who are MD’s don’t go around saying, “I’m a doctor.”

That’s idiotic and IMHO, suspect.

If you have to brag to everybody that you’re a magickian, sorcerer, witch, mage, dark priest or whatever, then you’re probably not all that!


My thoughts exactly lmao that´s when i knew he was a meme and a half. Hopefully once he gets moneys he blows his first wad on some sort of ¨highly-advanced¨ astral MMA training cuss them kick are a big oof.


Validate my magick and low self-esteem senpai! The links provided are actually helpful tho, i got to enjoy the show and gets some great help! BALG is truly a cultural phenomenon


Damn i missed this fun