Money Spells & Evocations not Working

I don’t know what is going on. I am at the end of my rope. I have done rituals to invoke Astaroth, Buer, Bune, Orias, Clauneck, and Cordon among others.


A job that I was supposed to start today disqualified me because of some test. So I am still out of work. I’m still getting evicted, by the way. I have nowhere to go and nowhere to put my stuff. I don’t know what to do.

I’m not giving up on magick, but I don’t know what to do. I thought I was making progress. Now, I’m still in a fucked up situation with no way out. My last hope was a new job. Now that’s gone.

Magick seems to harm instead of help.

Where did go wrong?

That sucks, I’m about to dig into some (mundane) work I’ve been putting off so I can’t comment much right now, but if you can identify one person who can be manipulated to get you a job, money, or some other kind of break, PM me his or her initials and I’ll do a ritual with Belial tomorrow asking him to help, and giving him an offering he’ll like.

Maybe if two other forum members who can reliably communicate with Belial did the same, asking him to help you with NN, we could get some fast-moving results here?

I have a good feeling about this, I’m not just “what if”-ing it. :slight_smile:

We could request Dynamis also get involved.

So we give this our best, get a roof secure over your head and some cash on its way, then you can troubleshoot why this area is difficult at your leisure.

I think three people is a good number, offering probably something that you wanted for yourself, that is a loss, but that you won’t resent (I already chose mine, and he accepted) -

1: Lady_Eva
2: ___
3: ___

I herein invoke the power of electric plasma-imp SILVERA to keep this forum working in frith and power for our fellow member, and COHZIER and URSOPIX unite against those who would attempt opposition, the One Who Shields and the One Who Rends Apart.

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im in, if you all need help.

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Thank you, everyone! I need all the help I can get.

Just exactly which entity do I need to deal with (invoke/evoke) to help me with the money situation?

I still do the Nitika ritual from “Magical Cashbook”. Nothing.

I tried the following from Carl Nagel’s “New Goetian Power Chants” book:

“Oh great and powerful King Amaymon, I invoke thee to cause the Spirit ASS-TAR-ROT (Astaroth) to hear my call.”

I stare at his sigil, go into TGS, and tell him specifically what I need. NO RESULTS. I have done the same with ASS-MOE-DAY-EE (Asmoday), BAR-BAH-TOSS (Barbatos), and HAH-GEN-TEA (Haagenti). NOTHING.

I tried Ziku from the Necronomicon. I had results from him before. Nothing now.

I tried Salas’ash from E.A.'s “Book of Azazel”. NOTHING.

Clauneck has never worked for me. Where is Haniel? Cause she never showed up for a brother. Hello!

What am I doing wrong?

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If I had to take a guess, I’d say it’s your desperation. It’s understandable in your position. If you’re too emotionally invested in the outcome to be able to cast and forget, you’ll put up a block. Again, in your situation it’s very understandable. I don’t really have any advice other than wait and see what comes of Lady Eva’s working.


if im correct isnt haniel for childbirth and fertility issues?

I read somewhere she also has something to do with “money, joy, success, wealth, abundance and exponential increase”. I did a “Haniel’s Money Bath” on a Thursday night some months ago.

and you had a relationship with her before hand right?


that might be part of it

Look try belfehor, the trinity of astarot/berit/ Beelzebub,or Janus. I have try a few one time I was so mad bcse ineed money to pay my was like 9 days bfre I cuss them all.1day later got the money plus xtras, but I feel bad. Things are slowly I trought it was my mistake.if u try tat and don’t get results pm and I will give u ideas.also wonder how u invoqe clauneck bcse a lady in YouTube put one and work fast.

Also look for ideas like comun stuff sell put u services to others. U got talent use it.or just keep it a candle to spirts to make a relationship going on.every week.

Okay cool! I’m doing a summoning of Belial later to formally detail this, I already checked in and he’s cool with taking it on, it would be nice to get a third person who has also got experience working with him, and who is willing to make a sacrifice of some kind, as I described above - my “day” just started so work aside, I’m going to be online off and on for the night now, hope we can link arms and get this changed fast in his favour.

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Lust for result. Do your ritual and forget it. If it helps, berate yourself for what a bloody fool you’ve just been doing all of that Magick shit! When I finish a working I do so by a strong hand clap and a (forced) laugh. Forget and get on with your life. It was doing sigilization which taught me about lust for result and how much better Magick works when there isn’t any.

Recently I did a small working with King Paimon. It was for the Customs ‘service’ not to find my posted tobacco and charge me expensive excise. At least that’s how I thought about it after the short ritual. In fact, the ritual was really about me getting hold of desperately needed tobacco and because I couldn’t stop thinking about Customs catching me I got caught and my precious tobacco seized. Thanks King Paimon!

It was a weird result because I actually felt some physical changes when performing the ritual. Just after that (a few days) I received a substantial consignment of quality tobacco from someone who’d bought it over the years, kept it properly stored, but didn’t like it - and guess what? - I do!

Here is an example of lust for result. Thanks King Paimon! Thanks indeed!



I should add that since than I’ve successfully received two packages by mail.
Here’s a pretty good essay on lust for result:



Okay I did your rit, and made the offering early Thursday, it was a good one (something I really wanted for myself, but was willing to let him have in exchange) and Belial showed every sign that he was pleased with it.

Rather then asking for money ask them to create opportunities for your wealth.
Its MUCH easier that way.
Try it. Works quite well for me :slight_smile:


Instead of money for yourself, do money for everyone around you, including yourself. That usually works much better.