Money Magick

For some time now I’ve gone without doing any magick. This due to a challenge I took from ascended beings of some vile and wicked faction. By ascended I mean they persist in a trascended state and were probably sorcerers before they ascended. They used to taunt me and claim I couldn’t do anything without magick. So I’ve been proving them wrong more or less. Mostly things like self healing I’ve restricted myself from. They took crueler paths and mocked me for how I can heal with ease. Anyway that’s the intro.

So lately I have been centering my mind’s focus on money. About a month ago I had $100 saved up, basically nothing. My goal was to save $1000. A month ago I had a vision of myself with loads of money overflowing from my wallet. After working a few 60 hour work weeks and penny penching like crazing, not eating out or doing pleasure spending, I saved up $1000. This fulfilling the vision I had of having money. Even before this I started hording my change. Coins piled up and I had to get a bowl for them. Then money just started flowing in as I did everything the universe required to create such a flow.

The key to money magick is focus. You gota hold your focus for days, even weeks at a time as you bend the universe to fulfill your order. If you aren’t careful, It’s easy to blow money on nonsense like cheap fun and fast food. For money magick to work, you must sacrifice ever dollar and nickle you make for the magick to work. Sure you got bills and after a month of hard work I went and bought myself something and saw Deadpool 2 but I had that extra money to blow because I focused so hard on my money magick. Keep in mind I didn’t use any sigils, spirits, or prayers for this to work, just hardwork and focus.

If you apply yourself and focus on how to bend the universe to get money, I’m sure you can have success with money magick too. Long hours at work at the best thing to do for monetly magick to work, that and saving your money. Focus is also key. Think about money, count your money every day, imagine the amount of money you want to save and stay FOCUSED! Focused on the money baby! Show me the money!


I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind… - would be some lyrics I heard at some point here and there… :smile:


So…what you described is pretty much the Law of Attraction. You visualized having money, took action by working a lot and saving what you made, and fulfilled what you visualized.

Most people don’t consider the Law of Attraction stuff to be magick, which is funny since its basic premise is built upon the Kybalion.


I can relate.

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Well the idea was that I didn’t just focus on money, I did things in the physical world to cause the universe to open money up to me. That’s the part I consider magick, focus is just the key which unlocks the door.

Yeah, that’s the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.


I find very little of what is done today to not be considered magick if not now at some point in time. Technological advancements well beyond the current societal understanding would be indistinguishable from magick. Even since the old days people have cast lots and played cards and considered that magickal divination. With so little not being defined as magick, sometimes I wonder what isn’t magick lol

My understanding of Magick is that it’s the practice of bending the universe to get what you want. By those terms very little isn’t magick. Motion itself seems to be magickal. But you know, that’s a mind and many people have that type of magickal perception about everything.

I did think it was interesting I had visions of having money and then I had it. I didn’t only imagine having money, throughout the week I would have spontaneous visuals open up in my mind of my wallet with money stuffed in it. That was the more genuine magickal part for me. Doing labour and focusing on something isn’t really magick but hay! This is money magick baby! And money magick plays by it’s own rules lol!

I’m confused. Are you saying that practices such as LHP/RHP, witchcraft, Thelema etc. aren’t real magickal practices?

I’m with @DarkestKnight. What you’re describing is the Law of Attraction. And yes, it’s fascinating how it works.

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I consider the Law of Attraction to be basic magick myself because the tenets of it are taken directly from the Kybalion. Don’t tell its practitioners though! Heavens forbid they would be practicing actual occult techniques!


No I’m not saying there aren’t actual forms of magick. Any one given lens experiences magick by it’s own faculty. But I wouldnt necessarily assume there’s a universal lens we all perceive through.

Naamah is the Material Goddess.


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