Money in necromancy?

Could I use the dead as a means of making money?

Yes, by using someone that was skilled in doing so in life for example; if not, you will have to teach them and tell them what to do.

So what do you think in comparison to demon? If one more intelligent faster results etc.? If I have my own army of dead entrepreneurs would it be my own army of wealth demon or angels?

Yes, but demons or other entities are far more skilled than the dead so you’d have to compensate by having a number of dead ppl working for you.

That sounds so grossly exploitative… “use the dead” - they’re people, not slot machines for you to “use” because you can’t earn a living some other way.

That said, you’d do best to ask your ancestors for help, not random dead people, they might fuck with you or be deluded themselves and just mess your life up worse.

Being “dead” doesn’t automatically make people easy to bind and command as servants, whilst simultaneously rendering them all-wise and powerful - the very concepts are mutually exclusive, if you think about it.

That sounds so grossly exploitative… “use the dead” - they’re people, not slot machines for you to “use”[/quote]

I didn’t mean it like that. Of course one should respect the dead.

I don’t have access to ancestry.con or know whom my anscestors are, do you know of a way I can find out?

Can we send a dead familiar to learn from a demon or angel as an alternative?

Light a candle after the sun goes down, call on your ancestors to hear you, make it clear you know you don’t know much, see what happens to 2coincidentally" come into your life after that.

You must have some idea where abouts some of them were from, approximately - you don’t need some wanky website that only tracks those who left a paper trail over the last few centuries.

Can we send a dead familiar to learn from a demon or angel as an alternative?

If you’re up for chatting with a deceased human being who has agreed to work with you, then sending them to talk to another spirit is a bit redundant.

It’s kind of like ('scuse abysmal knowledsge of sleb culture) getting into Angelina Jolie’s private circle of friends, solely in order to ask her to ask Scarlett Johansson something.

Easier just to cut to the chase and contact the demon/angel direct.

I didn’t mean for me to obtain the knowledge, I meant for the deceased familiar to learn from the demon to generate wealth into my life. Because I was thinking I can have a whole army of deceased who had learned from wealth demons.

I could be really cruel, and say “That sounds like a great idea” then fob you off with some nonsense about “don’t forget to pay the gatekeeper at the cemetary” but to be honest, I think you’re going into the realms of making things FAR more complex, multi-layered, and innately subject to hazards and complexities than they need to be.

The idea of an army of dead human beings all obediently working away for you to bring you money sounds like, at best, The Sorceror’s Apprentice - Mickey Mouse version, at that - and at worse, like the way to end up in big trouble with all kinds of beings who can actually severely mess up your life.

Just make a few talismans, or get a good relationship going with ONE demon, angel, god or other spirit, and ask them what’s best for you. :slight_smile:

JMO, I’m not going to post any more on this, I understand your enthusiasm but to be honest the kind of brass neck you’d need to compel this kind of loyalty and inspire spirits of human beings who’ve seen their share of woes to WANT to work FOR you, at your age, that kind of person isn’t asking what’s possible online, they’re busy telling reality what’s what and not caring if it’s ever been done before, and what anyone else thinks.

Hope you understand I’m not saying this to discourage you from pursuing magick, far from it, just saying that you’re making your life more complicated than it needs to be. :slight_smile:

That is not true. Remember, the dead can be anything from the most powerful sorcerer who ever lived down to your average Joe. Please don’t make such sweeping generalisations.