Money experiment - Prince Aniquel 6th and 7th books of Moses

Hi Everyone!

This is a post regarding my work with a Prince Aniquel – from the 6th and 7th books of Moses.

I was in a “short money” situation and I had a lot of bills which had to come to pass and I summoned him to help me find a solution but it was relying on 24 hours to make things work :grimacing:

Therefore I summoned Prince Aniquel with his sigil for the first time but the sigil wouldn’t open until I used the names/words of power related to it – I do not usually use the words of power to bind spirits but here it only worked this way

After the ritual I went to take a shower and I had a sort of vision of a prince on a horse or a dragon with water on my floor as I was getting out of it (picture shown) I suppose it was him confirming that he got the information?

What happened next with my banking state is that all the bills that I had to pay normally would have been refused by the bank because I didn’t have the money to pay them and strangely enough it turned out that all the bills that would have been refused by the bank have been accepted even if the money was not on my account - so even if now my bank account is in minus all the payments were made forcefully and I can only addressed this to Prince Aniquel , and I am immensely grateful!

This experiment shows that some spirit can work on money in different ways sometimes not bringing you the money into your hands or through family through work or through unknown places but can also find another way through the system of our society such as banking to make an error with the devices so that it goes to your favour .

I think that one cannot neglect €400 of bills accepted payement by the bank when it was supposed to be refused….

Thanks again Prince Aniquel