Money Drawing Talisman

It is a “Damon Brand/GoM-type” style talisman which combines all the common entities for attracting money, wealth, and prosperity. Ziku, Bune, Shax, Valac, Raum, etc. are in this talisman. The Jupiter planetary sigil is behind the dollar sign. The Euro and British pound symbols are included also.


This looks amazing! I’ll use and let you know of my results, even though it would be hard to pinpoint its effects since I have many active ways to bring wealth towards me.

Also, any advice on how to use it? My intuition give me ideas but I want to hear from you

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Scry into it (TGS - Theta-Gamma Sync or “gnosis”) with your intent. Or just go with your intuition.


NICE work, very smooth and polished looking, in a way that aligns with the wealthy vibe! :+1:


Looks awesome @CyberLord!

Do you have any experiences to share from using it to wet our appetite? :grin:

can i just print it and keep it with me ?

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What the hebrew writings means, and what is it source?

so What to do when I will have this printed And IT will be enough to wear it in my wallet?

Wear it in your wallet. Try to focus on it at least once per day. Do the TGS thing, that is. Then just live your life.

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I’d use blood and spit to consecrate it by redrawing with a chewed match foot soaked in blood drawn with a lancet device from my left pointer finger. I’d appreciate your thoughts and by the way: really nice work.