Money demon summoning

Damm, that was a true transparent statement. couldn’t put it any better.


I would love to Summon and learn more about BUNE, anything I should know and. Help would be really appreciate it .


Any tips on summoning King Paimon?

Same as any spirit, try this if you’re new to evocation:

I see it says “child in the room”
Im 17 but ive felt dark forces before
Up to 5 minutes ago I tried another summing, No circles only one white candle. Used King Paimon’s sigil and after I said his Enn, nothing happned. I sat down and felt supperrrr jittery and my stomach felt strange, I asked if this was the presence of King Paimon and the feelings stopped.
Gonna try again later after sunset

Did you actively visualise a form for him to inhabit, as my tutorial suggests? :thinking:

If so, you need to watch that for any movements, any changes to the eyes, especially, or any words or images that appear in your mind.

Take note of them without trying to criticise or evaluate them, later you can apply common sense to interpret things.

And 17 isn’t a child in the way that tut means, it means a child who is not interested in doing magick, and whose defences may not yet be strong enough to have evocations going on right in the same house.

One can perform evocations safely even with sleeping sick kids and so on, but I wasn’t going to try and delve into that in a begeinner tutorial I also intended to be simple to translate. :smiley:

If you’re having trouble with the visualisation part, take a look at the method I define in this walk-through I did with a member a few years ago.

I’m working with Bime (Bune) on a project I want to do well financially. I petitioned for the result and requested knowledge.

The project is taking off fast and the knowledge I’ve been receiving is amazing.

I also did some other work with other spirits to make sure the product was good, well-received, and the creation of the project first.

Petition the spirits you feel drawn to and request what you need piece by piece. Work diligently, follow your impulses and I’m sure any creative and wealth-related spirits would be happy to assist.

Phenix, Ipos, Ronove, have also had their hands in my project and offered many amazing contributions.



Just do it. There’s only one way to find out, no one else can do it for you, and there’s not a lot to it. Release your fear, act as if unafraid, and put your money where your mouth is so money can start being in your hand instead.

Preferably your left hand.

Get after it.

It’s been years but… Did you have any success? I can tell everyone reading this that’s new to the occult that everything negative people have told you is completely bs scare tactics lol. Though, sometimes people make this up in their heads. I once gave someone an invocation “spell” to let’s say a witch’s deity and after they said it they messaged me telling me they saw a scary figure of them while meditating on them after the invocation, I told them it was all in their head because I’ve used that one myself many times and never saw anything, just felt the energies.

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Lol I got a job from Bune


So did you ever accomplish your task?

Myself I’m working with a spirit I named Kybra she seems to want great things for me I’m waiting for results so far I think I messed up her plan to get me laid lol so I think I’ve seen the work coming together. I chat via my phone the auto fill words she guides them I also see her in my scans or when I close my eyes and attempt type thing.

Anyways just curious if your app ever got launched, I got an app idea too but no ability to make it no java skills it’s a real simple concept but no one is doing it.

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Maybe you should go hire a Java developer from one of those freelancer sites. See how much you can get for as cheap as possible. (actually, given what has happened to Java recently, I can only imagine Java developers have gotten more expensive.) If you do this, please let me know how it went.

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I launched a few websites and apps and none of them had a whole lot of success. I would offer to help you with it but I’m struggling with apps myself and I have a pact with Barbatos so all my time is invested in my own apps already.

But yeah like @Jastiv said maybe try to find the cheapest Java developer.

I’d be willing to just tell you about the app and when you license it EXC just fine co owner so I get money tok when it sells I’d be fine with less then half cause you did the work if our interested in the app idea le me know, hers an example of my ideas caffeinated suger. That’s not the app idea just a good one that no one has ran with yet, or batteries that have solar film on them so when your AA batteries run out you just leave them out in sun.

Sorry your apps and websites didn’t take off I’m glad to hear you were at least able o launch them despite your recent homelessness. Is the being you have a pact with a spirit that does internet control, cause I know there’s a few different spirits that have some control on the internet. So it might not be the best idea but you can allways ask for help promoting or getting the word out about your apps and website on 4chan. org on the request page just tell them about the app and tell them you ask because there the only one you think that oukd get your work off the ground and profitable once they spread the word about the products.

So what’s your favorite app you made what’s it do?
So yea m app idea I’d be fine just letting you run with it and if it went big just you sending me some money I ouldnt need the licence name or credit shit if I’m not gonna o any o the work, it’s a super super simple action that’s just sonthing our phones dot allready do that I think lots of people would want especially with how many spam calls we get all the time now. I just don’t know how o make money if it’s free lol I can’t really see one paying money.

Anyways here’s the app idea you can steal it but if it goes big kick me down later lol.

So when your phone rings there’s a different way to ignore call that makes the call be dropped and not go to voicemail so ou don’t have to worry about the emptying your voicemail after ignoring a spam call.

Seems like a decent idea but I’m more into creating social apps and things like that.

I have the pact with Barbatos it is my 2nd one after cancelling the first one.

Thanks for saying it’s a good idea oukd the app be hella easy for you o devolope? Just curious so if it’s ever made I can have an idea of how fast it would be made. I think it would have to sell info for it to be able to make money though and I’m not all that gungho about seeking people Info.

So what
Kind o social website like networking or dating or just simply hanging with friends.

Well I hope you all the luck well no all of it I need some too but all the luck needed to get the app or websites into the high profit range.

Did you do shares with the websites just curious I know that’s a way to get more people involved with spreading the name and product cause they become financially inclined.

No one is going to rip ur head off, idk where u got that, and summoning demon with circle is kind of really disrespectful…imagine calling upon someone for help then trying to distance them bc u r scared? It doesn’t go like that

No, it’s not. That is simply demonolatry religious propaganda, and frankly, pretty silly.

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I can give you a proposal. If you want to get long term results, consider working with Archangel Sandalphon. With his help, I started earning salary on quite good level considering where I’m living. Currently, after 6 months, my salary is almost doubled and the amount is so great that I can let myself buying things that I always wanted like new highend laptop or new tablet.

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